Jimmy Fallon Sings “Ignition (Remix)” At Restaurant – WATCH VIDEO!

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Jimmy Fallon Ignition Restaurant Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Ignition Restaurant Video


Jimmy Fallon and his barbershop quartet gave an impromptu performance of “Ignition (Remix)” at a restaurant in Canada this week. Watch below!

The unexpected musical moment was captured by fellow dinner Mahram Z. Foadi, who uploaded his footage to YouTube. He explained in the description, “So we’re at Le Crocodile, eating dinner, when a bunch of guys get up from their table and tell everyone that they want to perform R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition’ as a quartet. I assumed they’re drunk and it’ll be either stupid to the point of getting them kicked out or just plain funny. Then I realized the one dude looks familiar. Wait… he looks like Fallon… and it was Jimmy!”

Fallon and his singing pals serenaded a man who appeared to be the Vancouver restaurant’s chef. At the end of the clip, “The Tonight Show” host says, “Thank you everybody,” and there’s a smattering of applause. While the entertaining incident went down on Thursday, Fallon hasn’t mentioned it on social media.

“The Tonight Show” has been on hiatus this week, allowing the late-night host to go on vacation, though it’s unknown what brought him north of the border. He and the barbershop quartet, known as the Ragtime Gals, first famously sang R. Kelly’s sex song on the NBC program in February of 2014, on his second night as host. The video has since racked up more than four million views. Check out both the old and new versions below!


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