Jimmy Fallon Shares Frozen Hot Chocolate With Happy Family (PHOTO)

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Jimmy Fallon Family Frozen Hot Chocolate

By Michael Lewittes |

Jimmy Fallon Family Frozen Hot Chocolate

(Twitter/ Jimmy Fallon)

Jimmy Fallon shared a family photo on Tuesday of himself, with his wife and two daughters drinking Serendipity 3’s famed “Frozen Hot Chocolate” in New York. In addition to thanking Serendipity 3, Fallon, whose “Tonight Show” is off for the holidays, noted that everyone sharing a Frozen Hot Chocolate will now be a “new family tradition.” See larger photo below.

The picture shows Fallon with his daughters Winnie and Frances and wife Nancy Juvonen sipping the smooth, chocolatey drink, which happens to be a favorite, as well, of Gossip Cop. Significantly, as anyone can see from the photo, the Fallons are one happy family. For the past couple of months, Gossip Cop has debunked several entirely false reports that claim there’s trouble in the “Tonight Show” host’s marriage.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Gossip Cop busted an OK! story that alleged Fallon’s supposed “nonstop partying” has resulted in Juvonen and their two daughters moving out of the family’s New York apartment and into a friend’s place. We also corrected that same tabloid when it wrongly reported he was “drinking away his marriage.” The magazine’s sister publication Star similarly published an erroneous story that Fallon and Juvonen were on the verge of divorce because of him allegedly “drinking and partying.”

Actually, the “drinking” Fallon’s doing is Frozen Hot Chocolates with his wife and kids. Gossip Cop sincerely wishes the tabloids stop writing false marital problems stories about Fallon in the coming year.

Jimmy Fallon Family Frozen Hot Chocolate

(Twitter/Jimmy Fallon)


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