Jimmy Fallon “Father’s Day Dad Rap” Music Video On “Tonight Show” – WATCH

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Jimmy Fallon Father's Day Dad Rap Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Father's Day Dad Rap Video


Jimmy Fallon put together a “Father’s Day Dad Rap” with some real dads looking for 15 minutes (or five seconds) of fame. Check out the video below!

Fallon explained on Friday’s “Tonight Show,” “Father’s Day is this Sunday, so a couple of weeks ago, we wrote an original rap in honor of Father’s Day, and we asked all the dads out there to learn the lyrics and videotape themselves rapping it as best they can. We got tons of great submissions, so thank you for those. We took our favorites and put them together and made a music video. So please enjoy the premiere of our ‘Father’s Day Dad Rap.'”

The video featured a number of clips spliced together, with each dad taking on a line or two from the rap. “It’s bout time to show some love to who you call daddy,” the song began. And many of the fathers incorporated their kids.

More than one, for instance, rapped as their baby sat in a chest carrier, and another had his two kids join him for some dance moves in front of the garage. One actually filmed himself on the toilet, and a different dad took it all so seriously, he gathered other fathers to form a rap group.

But nothing topped the ending, which featured one man calling out his wife, or perhaps it was his daughter. Watch below to find out why!

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