Jimmy Fallon Mocks Donald Trump, Paul Ryan Over Healthcare On “Tonight Show”

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Jimmy Fallon Trump Healthcare Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Trump Healthcare Video


Jimmy Fallon mocks Donald Trump and Paul Ryan over their failed healthcare bill on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, earlier Friday Ryan announced at a press conference that the proposed American Healthcare Act was being pulled after Republicans failed to secure enough votes for the legislation to pass. Ryan praised the president for his “efforts” supporting the bill, and Trump likewise did the same. Meanwhile, many celebrities reacted happily that Obamacare is staying for the foreseeable future.

Now Fallon, who taped his monologue after the news broke, is taking shots at both men, plus Sean Spicer, over what went down. In a preview clip shared on Twitter, the host says, “I read that just 13 percent of women supported the Republican healthcare replacement bill. When he heard that, Paul Ryan was like, ‘Women! I knew we forgot to include something!'”

The late-night personality went on, “Trump was not happy. He said if this healthcare bill didn’t pass, that he’d just leave Obamacare in place. Kind of a weird threat. It’s like saying, ‘If you kids don’t stop fighting back there, I’m going to drive this car straight to Disney World!'”

As for Spicer, Fallon noted that the press secretary tried to move beyond healthcare at a media briefing by bringing up tax reform. But Spicer “slipped up” and instead said, “I think there’s a huge appetite for tax return[s].” That prompted the comedian to joke, “I’m sorry, next Russian. I mean, question! I’m really Putin my foot in my mouth!”

But that’s not all. Fallon’s new “This Week In Words” segment also addresses the healthcare debacle and much more. Check out the videos below!

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