Jimmy Fallon NOT Headed For Divorce Or Losing “Tonight Show,” Despite Report

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Jimmy Fallon Divorce Nancy Juvonen

By Andrew Shuster |

Jimmy Fallon Divorce Nancy Juvonen

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Jimmy Fallon is not on the verge of a $25 million divorce from Nancy Juvonen or being fired from “The Tonight Show,” despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s simply not true.

According to Star, Juvonen, a Hollywood producer whom Fallon met on the set of Fever Pitch in 2005, is fed up with his alleged drinking and partying. The tabloid conveniently ties in Fallon’s recent finger injury into the false report, claiming that his “ring avulsion” mishap was caused by him being “three sheets to the wind.” The magazine’s so-called “source” alleges this was the breaking point for Juvonen, who was “really angry” about the incident and feels his “bad behavior has been getting worse.”

The tabloid next falsely asserts that NBC executives are threatening to pull the plug on Fallon’s “Tonight Show” hosting duties. “There have been at least two other occasions when he almost missed a show, breezing in an hour before filming, really hung over,” says a supposed “insider, without offering any details or facts. That’s because none of this is true. In fact, Gossip Cop’s Top Cop, who used to be a producer at NBC, hears the network brass is thrilled with the job Fallon is doing.

And much like his show, Fallon’s marriage is also in great shape. His rep exclusively assures Gossip Cop that Fallon is “happily married.” Star’s sister publication OK! tried this nonsense last week. The only difference is that Star decided to add the more sensational phrase, “$25 million divorce” and drag NBC into its bogus report. Gossip Cop corrected the rumor then, and it’s still absolutely untrue a week later.

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Jimmy Fallon is heading for a divorce and losing his job on the “Tonight Show.”


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