Jimmy Fallon Dissed James Corden?

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Jimmy Fallon Dissed James Corden

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Dissed James Corden

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Did Jimmy Fallon diss James Corden? A tabloid report claims “The Tonight Show” host was caught badmouthing his fellow late-night personality. Gossip Cop can looked into the allegation.

It’s alleged in this week’s Life & Style, “When Jimmy Fallon took his family to Disneyland in January, park guests within earshot heard ‘The Tonight Show’ host take a couple of unexpected swipes at fellow late-night host James Corden.” According to the story, Fallon was about to ride Autopia when, a so-called “onlooker” claims, he “cracked a smile and said it didn’t take much to drive around LA with a celebrity in the car singing songs.”

The supposed dig, of course, is a reference to Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke.” The supposed snitch goes on to allege Fallon further bragged, “He can sing songs in his Range Rover, but I’m hosting the Golden Globes!” The magazine’s tipster adds, “Jimmy’s tone got very snarky when he started talking about James.”

But anyone who’s followed Fallon and his career would know this sounds nothing like him. He has never been a braggart and he’s never been a trash-talker when it comes Hollywood. The notion that he would suddenly openly boast in public at Corden’s expense is hard to buy. Not surprisingly, Gossip Cop is told is that while the host was indeed at the theme park earlier this month, this alleged Disneyland diss never happened.

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