Jiminy Glick Interviews Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump On “Tonight Show” For First 100 Days – WATCH VIDEO!

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Jiminy Glick Donald Trump Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jiminy Glick Donald Trump Video

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Jiminy Glick (Martin Short) interviewed Donald Trump (Jimmy Fallon) about his first 100 days in office on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch below!

Glick, of course, is one Short’s best-known alter-egos. Over the years, the comedian has portrayed the character on a number of shows, including a primetime series appropriately called “Primetime Glick.” Most recently, Glick appeared on last year’s “Maya & Marty,” a weekly variety show with Short and Maya Rudolph. In various installments, he interviewed Larry David and Kevin Hart, among others.

Now the one-of-a-kind journalist had a sit-down with the new president. Glick wasn’t too happy that a “bankrupt casino owner” is America’s “45,” but was his usual enthusiastic self nonetheless. “You’re such a handsome man. You look like a Dennis The Menace made a bunch of bad life choices,” he told Trump.

Glick went on to ask, “It’s now been 100 days since you’ve seen Melania. Where is she?” Trump responded, “If I ever see Melania again, I’ll ask her.” Mocking the size the president’s hands, the Hollywood host remarked, “If this is any indication, I can’t believe there’s five children.”

Towards the end, Glick even told Trump, “I want to talk to you in 100 days from now, after the impeachment.” As Gossip Cop reported at the time, in 2014 Glick interviewed Fallon himself, a meeting that culminated in a fight. Check out the new video with “Trump” below.

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