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Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth have been together for more than a decade at this point. Still, the producer remains fairly unknown to most fans of the actress. In fact, Toth's most common appearance is within the rumors about his wife's career and their relationship — including his alleged distaste for some of Witherspoon's behavior. Hollywood gossip is fairly pervasive and oftentimes nasty, but the claims all paint different pictures of the couple. Here's what those supposed insiders have to say about the couple, and what everyone should know about the two.

Some Rumors Rope In Their Children

Witherspoon shares a son, Deacon, and a daughter, Ava, with her ex-husband, while she and Toth had a son, Tennessee, together in 2012. Surprisingly, the kids aren't brought up too frequently, but Tennessee is typically mentioned at least once in articles about Witherspoon and Toth.

Earlier this year, Star published a story that claimed that the couple's marriage was "hanging by a thread" after a series of nasty fights. According to the outlet's unnamed source, the two even got into a screaming match at a youth soccer game for their son, although there were no photos of the alleged incident. The tipster went on to add that the two had been quarreling since March 2019, and this sideline squabble was just one of several spats over the months.

Reese Witherspoon's Career Is A Frequent Topic

There was also a report in Woman's Day that claimed there were widespread rumors about Toth and Witherspoon's marriage that indicated trouble. In a familiar refrain, the magazine deferred to an anonymous source that said the couple's "frosty" outing with their child had people concerned. The magazine framed the story as though it was concerned about the relationship, but it never specified who these people were that worried about the couple or why the outing had them concerned. Additionally, the source argued that the two were infamous workaholics. With Reese Witherspoon was seeming extra busy at the time, they said there were free-flowing rumors that her attention was divided and damaging their relationship.

NW reported that despite the relationship being in shambles due to her active career, Reese Witherspoon was taking on more and more projects to distract herself from her collapsing marriage. Once again, the claim supposedly came from anonymous "friends" of the couple who feared that the actress' busy schedule would put even more pressure on the apparently weakened relationship. While it is true that Witherspoon's had her hand in a ton of projects the past few years, the source never identifies specifically which were eating up most of her time or causing the most strain.

Star claimed that Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon's relationship was falling apart when the stresses of parenting compounded with Witherspoon's busy career. The outlet's nameless tipster said that the actress was "so all consumed with the other things in her life, especially her work and her kids," that Toth felt abandoned entirely. The source admitted that Witherspoon wanted to do something to help their relationship but said she was "simply so busy" that she couldn't figure out what to do.

Woman's Day published another article about the couple, this time reporting that their trip to France took a turn for the worse after they began bickering about Witherspoon's "crazy" work schedule. "This trip to France was supposed to be an opportunity for them to spend some quality time together," an insider said to the magazine, "but they've barely had a moment to themselves, and she can't seem to put her phone down when they are alone." According to that source, the two were headed for a confrontation once they were back in the States.

Other Stars Also Get Brought Up

Woman's Day Australia had an intense story about Witherspoon reuniting with her ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, after she was spotted out on a walk with the actor and their son. While the magazine admitted that there was nothing romantic going on between the two exes, it did say that friends of Toth and Witherspoon were scared that the incident would get a rise out of Toth. It never clarifies why exactly Toth would be unnerved by his wife spending time co-parenting her child from her previous marriage and instead keeps it fairly vague.

There was another story from Woman's Day that said Witherspoon was relying on her Big Little Lies co-star Nicole Kidman for emotional support after a series of nasty arguments with Jim Toth. According to the outlet, Kidman stepped up after witnessing one of the arguments on the set of the HBO show. Oddly enough, the rumor also included a bizarre anecdote about Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, attending some sort of marriage boot camp and trying to sell Witherspoon on the same experience. It also pointed to Witherspoon's "hard partying" as being a cause of the fights. Although it's unclear what partying the magazine was referring to in this story, Witherspoon's social life often comes up in these rumors.

Jim Toth's "Hatred" Of Partying Is A Common Thread

After paparazzi caught the actress tripping down a set of stairs while leaving Jennifer Aniston's birthday party, Woman's Day Australia saw it as further proof that Witherspoon's partying was getting out of hand. The magazine said it was the second time she'd been caught leaving a party looking "worse for wear," which an unnamed source said was so "humiliating" for her husband that he'd been left "fuming" afterwards. It was somewhat weird that the magazine didn't point out Witherspoon's gnarly heels in the photos of her fall, but the outlet seemed more focused on talking about how much Jim Toth doesn't like going out.

On a similar note, Star also addressed the falling-down-the-stairs incident. While its sources agreed that Toth was furious about the tumble, they went a step farther in adding that he'd apparently decided to skip out on his wife's upcoming birthday entirely. Describing him as fed up with his wife's supposed drinking problem, a source told the magazine that he left her to celebrate her birthday all alone. "Even though the marriage has resolved itself time and again," the insider claimed, "it's no secret it's getting tough. Reese is fiery, and when she drinks, her temper can sometimes get the better of her!"

What's Going On With Reese Witherspoon And Jim Toth Now

With everyone self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic, rumors about celebrities in quarantine have run wild. Specifically, NW reported that Witherspoon was quarantining in her Pacific Palisades home alone while her husband stayed on their Malibu property. This, according to anonymous tipsters, is on account of their upcoming divorce after living separately for months — even before the spread of the coronavirus. It brings up the aforementioned rumors about the couple's work lives dominating their time and energy and the marriage suffering as a result.

In reality, the two have been just as normal and happy as ever while their family self-isolates together. Despite the plethora of rumors about the state of their relationship or their supposed fights, the couple is and has been in great shape. People can quickly mistake a paparazzi snapshot as proof of something larger, so we understand where some of these claims come from. Still, there's a bizarrely common narrative that Jim Toth is either some sort of put-upon sad sack or a party-hating monster when the truth is really obvious. He and his wife are a loving Hollywood couple that, by all accounts, are as wholesome as can be. It's easy to forget that celebrities are human at the end of the day, and their relationships, despite tabloids' insistence, aren't drama-filled nightmares.

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Most recently, Toth, Witherspoon, and their son took a bike ride around the block together. All three wore masks and practiced being as safe as possible, much like every family should. After years of rumors about their divorce or "impending" split, they're still together and obviously still happy. It's a simple fact that hopefully more publications pick up on.


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