Jim Nowakowski And Yorelis Apolinario “So You Think You Can Dance” Video: Jazz Routine Gets Standing Ovation

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Jim Nowakowski Yorelis Apolinario So You Think You Can Dance Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jim Nowakowski Yorelis Apolinario So You Think You Can Dance Video


Jim Nowakowski and Yorelis Apolinario opened “So You Think You Can Dance” on Monday, and received a standing ovation for their innovative jazz routine. Watch below!

Host Cat Deeley revealed there was both bad and good news before they took the stage. Nowakowski had an injury over the last week that prevented him from rehearsing for the Team Stage group dance. Thankfully, he was cleared for his duet performance with Team Street’s Apolinario.

But you would have no idea whatsoever that Nowakowski was injured when he performed with Apolinario. Their dance, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, received a standing ovation just minutes into the live broadcast. Nigel Lythgoe told Apolinario afterward, “You certainly came out and showed us exactly why you were chosen for this competition.”

“I know you’ve done contemporary before and it shows, but some of the things you did tonight, the impact it had on your body was beautiful,” noted Lythgoe. He went on to tell Nowakowski, “Without question, you are, for me, the best technical dancer not just this year but for many years… You’re absolutely brilliant young man.”

Paula Abdul said to the pair, “I must say, the strength and athleticism in this routine that’s required is intense, and you both handled it beautifully. It’s strange this routine is about power, yet I don’t feel you overpowered each other. I feel you complemented each other’s strengths and abilities.”

And Jason Derulo gushed, “You can take a photo at any moment of that performance, and it would be beautiful.” He went on to say, “Jim, you are one of my faves, and I definitely want to commend you for continuing to keep it dope week after week.” The judge pointed out that Apolinario previously auditioned as a stage dancer, and said, “With that performance, you could audition as a stage dancer again and get this far.”

Unfortunately, there was more bad and good news to follow. While Nowakowski found out he was safely in the Top 10, based on last week’s votes, it was revealed Apolinario was in the bottom three for Team Stage, and at risk of being eliminated at the end of the show if she didn’t win one of the two Twitter saves. Check out the video, and tell us if you think Apolinario should be saved!

UPDATE: Sadly, Apolinario was one of the four eliminated, and did not make the Top 10.


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