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Jim Carrey is often the target of false tabloid stories. Gossip Cop has debunked many untrue claims about the comedy star over the years. Here are five wrong rumors about Carrey.

This past May, RadarOnline wrongly reported that Carrey had a "bitter feud" with Robin Williams. The claim emerged following the release of a biography about Williams, which detailed how he was threatened by Carrey's success. Although that passage in the book was true, the blog's assertion that Williams' feelings caused a "feud" was completely bogus. Carrey himself exclusively told Gossip Cop, "RadarOnline is completely off base and creating a feud that didn't exist. Robin may have expressed insecurity about me and my rise to success but I have never had anything but the greatest respect for him and his genius. He was also always respectful to me in person... There's no feud if one side isn't aware of it." Shortly after debunking the story, Carrey tweeted a portrait he drew of Williams.

In February, Gossip Cop called out OK! for falsely claiming that Carrey was isolating in his art studio and refusing to eat. The unreliable magazine further contended that the actor had turned into a "recluse" and wouldn't spend time with friends or leave his home. That same month, however, Carrey began filming his upcoming Showtime series "Kidding." Suffice to say, the show doesn't take place inside the actor's house. There was simply no truth to the tabloid's story.

In April 2017, the website McKennite.com wrongly reported that Carrey was starring in a biopic about late philosopher and psychedelic drugs advocate Terence McKenna. The blog even attributed fake quotes to the actor about his involvement in the film, and further alleged that he took magic mushrooms to get into character. However, a rep for the actor exclusively told Gossip Cop he had "not signed on" for a biopic about McKenna and told us "any quotes attributed to him about experimenting with psychedelics are absolutely false." As time has shown, no such film has been made.

Shortly before the release of Dumb and Dumber To in 2014, Star falsely claimed that Carrey had to beg a reluctant Jeff Daniels to co-star in the comedy sequel. The tabloid alleged that Daniels felt the movie was beneath him and "the last thing Jeff needs at this stage of his career." But while promoting the movie later that year, Daniels himself explained why he signed on for the sequel. "When it came down that we were going to do the sequel, I loved it all over again," he said. "I loved the choice of doing it again. I loved working with Jim again." The actor even joked, "You're not supposed to wreck your career by doing something this outrageous, but that's exactly the kind of career I want."

And finally, shortly after Carrey split from Jenny McCarthy in 2010, Gossip Cop busted In Touch for wrongly reporting that the two were getting back together. They never did. A few months later, McCarthy began dating fitness model Jason Toohey. She dated a few more men before meeting husband Donnie Wahlberg in 2013, but her and Carrey never romantically reconciled.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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