A misleading report suggests that Jim Carrey had a "bitter feud" with Robin Williams, but the comedic actor exclusively tells Gossip Cop the claim is "completely off base." In reality, a blog is twisting and sensationalizing a story featured in a new biography about the late comedy legend.

Earlier this week, New York Times journalist Dave Itzkoff released a biography about Williams which includes a passage about his jealousy of Carrey. It's said in the book that the late comedian was threatened by the younger comic's rise to stardom. Williams was also said to have gotten upset when Carrey took the role of The Riddler in 1995's Batman Forever after he had turned it down.

In the new book, titled Robin, Williams' former makeup artist Cheri Minns also confirms the late actor's insecurities about Carrey. She even notes that his ex-wife Marsha once told him to calm down and accept that there's "room for other people."

In an attempt to stir up controversy, RadarOnline borrowed this chapter from the book and published an article with the headline, "Robin 'Completely Freaked Out' Over Jim's Success: Their Bitter Feud Exposed." However, there was no actual tension between the comedians on a personal level, nor does Itzkoff's book indicate that there was. This so-called "bitter feud" is the website's inaccurate interpretation of what the biography actually says.

Carrey exclusively tells Gossip Cop, "RadarOnline is completely off base and creating a feud that didn't exist. Robin may have expressed insecurity about me and my rise to success but I have never had anything but the greatest respect for him and his genius. He was also always respectful to me in person. He called me 'Maestro' and I called him 'Billy the Kid.' Let's get it straight. There's no feud if one side isn't aware of it."

Additionally, there's plenty of evidence on Google Images showing that the two comedians got along well. There are several photos of Williams and Carrey laughing and chatting at a 1999 Golden Globes after party. Another image posted on Twitter shows Williams resting his head on Carrey's shoulder at the 2012 Comedy Awards. The duo also performed a bit together at the Celebrity Fight Night charity gala in 2006.

Here's what seemingly happened. RadarOnline combed through Williams' biography to find some dirt. The blog then came across the section about Carrey and decided to blow it way out of proportion. Williams may have been jealous of the younger comic at certain points in his life, but Carrey never knew about the envy and it didn't affect their personal relationship. Regardless, Carrey himself exclusively tells Gossip Cop there was never a feud between them.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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