Jim Carrey NOT A “Recluse,” Despite Report

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Jim Carrey Recluse

By Shari Weiss |

Jim Carrey Recluse

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Jim Carrey is not turning into a “recluse,” despite an alarming report. Gossip Cop can correct the inaccurate story, which comes from one of the tabloids.

It’s alleged in the new edition of Star, “Jim Carrey is turning into a recluse in the wake of his ex Cathriona White’s suicide and the ensuing wrongful death lawsuit.” A so-called “close friend” is quoted as saying, “Jim’s always been a little moody and has a history of depression, but he really started to unravel after he got sued by Cathriona’s family.”

“He’s definitely not his normal self, and he’s refusing to let anyone help him,” claims the supposed pal. The magazine goes on to allege, “The funnyman has even shut out his daughter, Jane, and rarely sees anyone… His inner circle is considering drastic measures.”

Adds the outlet’s tipster, “He says he’s under the weather, but everyone knows he’s really hurting. Considering what he’s been through, he’s doing all right — we just want him to feel better.”

Let Gossip Cop be clear: There’s no denying this has been a challenging and tragic time for Carrey. But no “close friend” would be discussing these issues with a tabloid, particularly if they “want him to feel better.” The good news, though, is that Carrey is doing better than this article suggests.

The actor has not become a “recluse,” Gossip Cop is assured by a source, who deems the story’s claims “not true.” And for proof of Carrey’s enduring optimism, look no further than his Twitter account, where he posted the below message on Wednesday.

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Jim Carrey is turning into a recluse.


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