Jim Carrey Did NOT Say “Illuminati Is Brainwashing Children Into Worshipping Satan,” Despite Fake News

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Jim Carrey Illuminati Satan

By Andrew Shuster |

Jim Carrey Illuminati Satan

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Jim Carrey did not say that the “Illuminati is brainwashing children into worshipping Satan,” despite a completely bogus report. The article comes from a fake news website that frequently claims various celebrities have ranted about the devil in public. Gossip Cop looked into this latest variation on the theme and we can exclusively set the record straight.

According to the unreliable blog Neon Nettle, the comedic actor went on a diatribe about the “dark forces that control the world” following a screening of his new Netflix documentary, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, at the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard last month. The site quotes Carrey as telling the crowd, “Those dark forces who control everything – the Illuminati – the Illumi-nutty – they are working hard to eradicate tradition values.”

The outlet further quotes the actor as saying, “Satanism is being pushed through movies, TV, and pop music to brainwash young minds into following Satan… Once Satan is the dominant force on Earth, there will be no more Christmas. I don’t know what they will replace it with. Probably one of their rituals where they sacrifice children and drink their blood.”

The actor allegedly ended his rant by saying, “Anyway, at least we still have this Christmas to look forward to,” before raising a glass of soda water and declaring, “To Satan… I mean Santa!” However, the only true aspect of this story is that Carrey’s movie, Jim & Andy, screened at the Chinese Theatre last month. The actor never went on a tirade about Satan and the Illuminati at the event, and if he had, Neon Nettle wouldn’t be the only outlet reporting about it.

Regardless, Gossip Cop is assured that all of the quotes attributed Carrey in the article were fabricated. In fact, this isn’t the first time that a fake news website has made the comedic actor the subject of an insane report. We previously busted YourNewsWire for falsely claiming that Carrey said President Donald Trump is a member of the “reptilian Illuminati.” This latest article is equally absurd.