Jim Carrey doesn't believe Apple's new Face ID technology will lead to a "totalitarian New World Order," nor did he ever make any such comments. Fabricated quotes are being used to peddle a completely false story that seeks to capitalize on both Carrey and Apple's recent announcement. But Gossip Cop can expose this fake news.

According to YourNewsWire, Carrey thinks "Apple's new iPhone Face ID technology will be used by the global elite to 'enslave humanity' and usher in a totalitarian New World Order," and he's already warned "warned the Californian company that his days of using iPhones are 'long gone.'" The site alleges Carrey spoke out about his views at the Toronto International Film Festival, and quotes him as saying, "If George Orwell wrote 1984 today, it would have been about tech companies ruling over a totalitarian state instead of communists, the stores would be called
'town squares' and the phones that you are forced to buy would read your face."

While it's true Carrey attended the annual Canadian film event, along with a bevy other stars, he never made any such remarks. If he had, the countless media outlets in attendance would have reported on his statements. But the only publication with this quote is YourNewsWire, and the website has only published it a full week after his appearance at the festival. And as the piece goes on, the catalyst for this outrageous article becomes clear. The site notes that the actor gave "an unusual interview" to E!, and asserts that, "given the internet-wide 'WTF?' Carrey's interview provoked, the iconic actor felt moved to explain those unexpected, metaphysical statements later on in the week, releasing a new raft of dystopian, metaphysical warnings at the Toronto International Film Festival, this time rounding on Apple and their new Face ID technology."

And so the outlet goes on to give additional quotes supposedly from Carrey, such as, "You can guarantee this same tech will be used — by someone — to identify protesters, to figure out if you're depressed or manic — and how to cash in on that." But like the alleged comments above, the star never said any such thing, nor did he say, "Same family of technologies will be used to classify you — right or wrong — as a criminal or a terrorist — or what your sexual orientation is. I'm not saying Apple will. But I am saying that this is increasingly doable and will be done by the people you don't want doing it—the people who are driving us towards a New World Order."

There's other purported statements in the article that are attributed to Carrey as well, but those, too, appear to be fraudulent. There is zero evidence that any of these remarks are authentic, and all signs point to them being manufactured. After all, this is the same webloid that previously posted a story claiming Britney Spears said the world is "ruled by pedophiles." Just like now, the quotes in that report were quite obviously made up and not found anywhere else.

Gossip Cop now reached out to the writer of the article on Carrey to find out where these fabricated quotes came from, but did not immediately hear back. In any case, we're told the actor never said any such thing. And while he's known for being eccentric at times, it seems YourNewsWire is just trying to exploit that, coupled with the recent Apple announcement, for a fake news story.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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