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Jim Carrey is the subject of a bizarre tabloid story that outrageously claims the actor thinks Earth is ruled by a secret species of alien reptiles. And if you guessed this tall tale came from the National Enquirer, you'd be right. And if you also guessed it's both made up and untrue, you're right again.

The eyebrow-raising article is featured in the current edition of the National Enquirer, under the headline, "Leapin' Lizards! Crazy Carrey Thinks Alien Reptiles Rule Earth!" The report begins, "Bonkers comic Jim Carrey is secretly a follower of a kooky conspiracy nut who believes alien reptiles rule the world! Even nuttier, the Dumb and Dumber star plans to go public with his commitment to whack job David Icke's bizarre theory!" A so-called "mole" is quoted as saying, "Icke has spent years wooing Jim, and it's finally paid off. Jim is now a disciple of this guy!"

The supermarket tabloid points to the actor's recent viral interview from New York Fashion Week as proof that his "bizarre behavior" is the work of Icke's influence. "His way-out Fashion Week outburst may be the first sign of more preaching to come," contends the gossip magazine, which also cites a "source," who asserts, "It's a big reason why Jim ranted on the red carpet. If you thought he was crazy before, you ain't seen nothing yet!" There's also an alleged "snitch," who maintains to the outlet, "Jim's into all of Icke's weird theories. He's studied his speeches and dispatches to the very last letter."

"He goes to as many of Icke's public appearances as he can, often in disguise to avoid any attention," continues the supposed tipster, giving a convenient explanation for why Carrey has never been seen at any such events. "He's mesmerized by everything Icke says!" Now the actor is said to "want David's unhinged gospel spread to the masses." That's funny, considering many would probably refer to the content that fills this very tabloid's pages as "unhinged gospel." The National Enquirer wants the "masses" to buy what it's trying to sell, but its track record speaks for itself. This is the same magazine that, nearly a year ago, actually claimed Carrey's friends feared he was going to commit suicide. There's zero reason to take the outlet, and this story, legitimately when it had the gall to publish such a serious and seriously erroneous allegation last year.

Simply put, there's just no credibility here. What's more is that a Carrey confidante tells Gossip Cop that these claims about Carrey believing in alien reptiles and planning to go public with the theory are not true and, on the contrary, completely fabricated. Notably, this is the second story in recent days to suggest the movie star is peddling wild conspiracies. Gossip Cop called out YourNewsWire for fabricating a story about Carrey supposedly believing Apple's new face ID will lead to a "totalitarian New World Order." Just like now, that article hinged on the comedy legend's much-talked about NYFW interview. Of course, in those comments, he never said anything about Apple and or anything about alien reptiles. Both outlets simply used that incident to shamefully manufacture fake and false narratives.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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