Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Megyn Kelly Video: Watch Josh Duggar Molestation Kelly File Interview Here

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Jim Bob Michelle Duggar Megyn Kelly Interview Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jim Bob Michelle Duggar Megyn Kelly Interview Video

(Fox News)

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s interview with Megyn Kelly about their son Josh Duggar’s molestation of his sisters and other victims aired on Wednesday’s “Kelly File.” Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Josh apologized last month for molesting five underage girls, now revealed to include sisters Jill and Jessa, as they slept when he was 14 years old in 2002 and 2003. TLC has since pulled the family’s show, “19 Kids and Counting” from the airwaves, as questions remain about what the Duggars knew about their son’s behavior and when. In their interview, conducted earlier Wednesday at the family’s Arkansas home, Jim Bob and Michelle attempted to give their side of the story.

Jim Bob said Josh first came to them “crying” 12 years ago, saying he had “improperly touched one of our daughters.” Michelle noted, “I think we had one ray of hope, that Josh had a conscious and shared on his own, even though the others didn’t really know of his wrongdoing.” Kelly then asked the Duggars how they felt upon hearing Josh’s confession. “There was so much grief in our hearts,” replied Michelle. “I think as parents we felt, ‘Ugh, we’re failures.’ Here we tried to raise our kids to do what’s right, to know know what’s right, and, yeah, one of our children did make some really bad choices, and I think as a parent, we were just, we were devastated.”

Jim Bob said of Josh’s explanation, “He said he was just curious about girls and had gone in and basically touched them over their clothes while they were sleeping.” The victims included four sisters, and a babysitter. The patriarch said they then spoke to their daughters, who had supposedly been unaware of “Josh’s wrongdoings.” Jim Bob went on to say they at first “tried to deal with [it] in-house,” and believes, “Looking back, we did the best under the circumstances.” He further said there were “punishments” for Josh, and “safeguards” for their five girls (at the time) as they slept, but there were still other instances on a couch, where he “actually touched the breast while they were asleep, over the clothes.”

“It is public shame that our son did this,” said Jim Bob. “We thought, at first, that Josh was on the road to mend. But he was still a kid, he was still a juvenile. He wasn’t an adult. So there were a couple more times where he came and told us what he’d done, and we were just devastated. Again, this was not rape. This was touching people over their clothes. There were some instances touching under the clothes, but it was a few seconds.”

But there were also times that Josh’s sisters were awake, although they didn’t “understand” it was “improper touch.” One sister at the time wasn’t even 10 years old yet. After the third time Josh came to them is when the Duggars finally sought “outside help.” Jim Bob said they then sent Josh, then 15, to be with a trusted advisor for Christian-based treatment. “The law allows for parents to do what they think is best for their child,” he argued, saying it was a “turning point” for Josh. The Duggars said they also taught their daughters “right and wrong touch” in an effort to “protect” them, and that all the kids received “professional counseling.”

Michelle said she “wept” for days after Josh left, and began crying again in the interview. “The truth is, kids will make their own choices. They will make their own decisions, even if you’ve taught them right or wrong,” Jim Bob said of his son’s behavior. “I was so thankful that Josh came and told us.”

Upon Josh’s return from his time away, Jim Duggar said “it was an important step” for him to “confess” to police. “We didn’t know if they were going to arrest him at that point,” said the reality star, claiming Josh “told everything.” The officer who Josh spoke to, however, is now imprisoned for child sex crimes, behavior the Duggars now said they had no idea about back then. The cop supposedly gave Josh a “stern lecture,” but no further legal action was taken. The Duggars said they did not worry that Josh was still a “threat,” believing he was a “changed person.” Michelle added that they kept “safeguards” and “boundaries” in place, such as not leaving the children alone behind closed doors.

In 2006, as the family was to go on the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” Oprah’s team received a tip about the sexual assaults, which they passed on to the authorities. The five victims were then interviewed by the cops, but by then, the three-year statue of limitations had passed, and no charges were filed. Two years later, the Duggars started their reality series. “We had nothing to hide,” Jim Bob insisted. “All this had been taken care of five years before.” Michelle added that all was “resolved” and “forgiven” by that point.

But with the their past becoming public last month, Jim Bob said they believe others can learn from Josh’s experience. In regards to the leaked documents detailing the abuse, Michelle said the leaker had an “agenda,” while Jim Bob wondered if “bribery” was involved, acknowledging that they’re talking to lawyers. He also said he believed the media should be focusing on that instead of Josh’s actions. The father of 19 also denied that the family’s belief system combined with this secret past made them hypocritical, and Michelle said people were “twisting” things to “hurt and slander” them.

“We’re going to go on live life,” Jim Bob said, despite this “unprecedented attack,” with Michelle adding of their television future, “Either way, we’re at peace.” The parents went on to express anger that their kids’ privacy was “violated” in the tabloids. “As a mom, that breaks my heart for my girls,” said Michelle. “They’ve been victimized more by what happened in these last few weeks than 12 years ago, because they didn’t even know what happened until after the fact.”

Michelle added, “One thing I know, God is going to use all this for good.” It’s worth noting Jim Bob also insisted that Josh is not a pedophile, saying, “This was a child preying on a child.” That was something Jessa Duggar also said in her own interview, telling Kelly that her brother is not a “child molester” or “rapist,” either. Her chat, in which she sat down with Kelly alongside Jill, will air on Fox News on Friday. Watch the video below, and tell us what you think.


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