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The Duggar family patriarch and matriarch, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, have quite the collection of grandchildren. With 19 children, it's obvious that their grandkids would soon outnumber their impressive amount of children. So far, the couple has 17 grandchildren, but since only eight of their children are married and having kids, more are most certainly to follow.

Josh + Anna Duggar

Josh was the first of his 19 siblings to get married and his 2008 wedding to wife Anna was a huge event on the show. Since their wedding, Anna and Josh have welcomed six children to the family. Like Jim Bob and Michelle, the couple decided to go with alliterative names for their kids. Instead of the "J" names his parents preferred, however, Josh and Anna went with "M." Their children's names are Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, and the youngest, baby Maryella.

John-David + Abbie Grace Duggar

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John-David is the second oldest boy in the family. His twin sister, Jana, is still unmarried. John-David married his wife Abbie Grace in 2018. The couple recently had their first child, an 8-week-old baby girl named Grace, affectionately nicknamed Gracie.

Jill + Derick Dillard

Jill and her husband Derick, who were married in 2014, have two little boys who seem like quite a handful. Neither Jill or Derick seem to mind their antics too much, though. It's all part of the fun of having two very active boys. Their names are Israel and Samuel.

Jessa + Ben Seewald

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Jessa and her husband Ben also married in 2014, and their oldest son, Spurgeon, was born a year later. He was soon followed by his brother, Henry. Last year brought another member of the family, baby Ivy.

Jinger + Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger and Jeremy married in 2016 and welcomed their baby girl, Felicity, in 2018. The couple wound up moving to Los Angeles, California. Jinger also bucks some family traditions, like wearing only long skirts, and can sometimes be seen wearing pants in her Instagram posts.

Joe + Kendra Duggar

Joseph, or Joe, and his wife Kendra married in 2017. They had their first child, a son named Garrett, a year later. In November 2019, their family grew by one more when they had their daughter, Addison.

Josiah + Lauren Duggar

Josiah married Lauren in 2018. The 23 year old and his 20-year-old wife proved that November 2019 was a baby boom month for the Duggar clan when they welcomed their daughter, Bella.

Joy-Anna + Austin Forsyth

Joy-Anna, not to be confused with her younger sister Johannah, got married to her husband Austin in 2017. The couple experienced heartbreak after the miscarriage of their daughter, Annabell. Their lives were soon filled with joy, however, when they welcomed their son, Gideon, in 2018.


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