Jill And Jessa Duggar: Josh Was “Too Curious About Girls”

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Jill Jessa Duggar Megyn Kelly interview

By Minyvonne Burke |

Jill Jessa Duggar Megyn Kelly interview

(Fox News)

Jill and Jessa Duggar open up in their interview with Megyn Kelly, slated to air on Fox News on Friday, about how their brother Josh Duggar molested them when they were younger. The sisters, however, do not want people to call their older brother a “child molester or a pedophile or a rapist.”

“Josh was a boy, a young boy in puberty and a little too curious about girls,” says Jessa, adding, “And that got him into some trouble.” She says Josh made “some bad choices,” but feels it was “mild, inappropriate touching on fully clothed victims, most of it while [the] girls were sleeping.”

At another point in the interview, Jill tells Kelly that neither one of them knew they had been molested by Josh until he revealed it to their parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. “None of the victims were aware of what happened until Joshua confessed,” adds Jessa mimicking her sister’s comments. She notes, “My parents took [us] aside individually, and they said, ‘Here’s what happened,’ and of course at this point you’re shocked.”

Jill says she was really angry when she was first told by her parents that Josh had molested her, but she also felt bad for her brother. “This is my older brother, who I love a lot. It’s conflicting,” explains Jill, who eventually forgave him. “Josh made some very bad decisions, and he is going to suffer the consequences of those decisions,” she says.

The sisters also reveal that after they learned about Josh’s molestation, their parents installed locks on their bedroom to keep the “girls in the girls’ room [and] the boys in the boys’ room.” Jessa explains to Kelly, “As a mother now, I look back and I think, you know, my parents did such an amazing job for me. Even when we went through the [Department of Humans Services] investigation, they complimented my parents on what an amazing job they did through that process.”

As Gossip Cop has previously reported, many people have slammed the Duggar family for being hypocrites for preaching their strict Christian beliefs, while hiding this dark family secret. Jessa tells Kelly that her family never claimed they were perfect. “If you’ve had failures in your past, it doesn’t mean you can’t be changed,” says Jessa, adding, “I think the real issue is people are making this sound like it happened yesterday.” What do you think about Jill and Jessa’s comments about their brother Josh?


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