Jessie J Unfollows Fans On Instagram Because of “Nasty Behavior”

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jessie j instagram fans

By Michael Lewittes |

jessie j instagram fans

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Jessie J unfollowed several fan accounts on Instagram on Tuesday because of what she calls “nasty behaviour.” In a three-part message she posted on the social media site, Jessie J noted that while she loves to see what her fans are up to, she doesn’t like the “negativity or drama” and absolutely despises “any type of bullying.”

Jessie J began, “I don’t usually comment on this topic,” but said she realized her 4.5 million Instagram followers would notice, so she explained why she unfollowed all her fan accounts. She wrote, ”I have been seeing some real nasty behaviour when I show some of the fans I follow love or repost them. I don’t like drama or negativity and I despise any type of bullying, and so I’ve decided not to follow any fans.”

The singer insisted she was not “throwing shade” at any of her fans, but instead wants her fans to support her music and not “bitch at each other or pull each other down.” Jessie J ended her message on a positive note, urging her followers to be “nicer,” more “understanding,” and to remember the world has more going on than what’s on social media.

Take a look at Jessie J’s entire message below, and Gossip Cop what you think about her decision to unfollow fans.

A follow on Instagram doesn’t mean I love you less. But I long for and Just being true to who I am x

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Part 2.

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Part 1.

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