Jessie J Turned Down Channing Tatum’s Proposal?

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side by side photos of Channing Tatum in a black suit next to a photo of Jessie J in a blue dress

By Griffin Matis |

side by side photos of Channing Tatum in a black suit next to a photo of Jessie J in a blue dress

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Jessie J turned down Channing Tatum when he asked her to marry him? That’s the story in one of this week’s tabloid. Gossip Cop can confirm there’s no truth to it.

According to In Touch, Tatum was “dealt a crushing blow” after he proposed to his girlfriend of a year and she rejected him. “He asked her to marry him, and she said no,” an unnamed tipster tells the magazine.

“She explained that she’s just not ready to make such a big commitment but assured him she’s crazy about him,” the anonymous source adds. “She thinks it’s too soon for marriage. Channing totally understood and saw where she’s coming from, although a blow like that would damage anyone’s ego.”

Despite what the outlet’s alleged tipster claims, Tatum’s spokesperson is going on the record to deny the tabloid’s tale. The rumor is also just too vague and general to seem remotely true. After all, the report effectively boils down to an anonymous individual saying something almost happened, but then it didn’t.

Jessie J actually addressed the rumors about her and Tatum getting married a few months ago in an interview on the Heart Breakfast radio show. “Just because he’s Channing Tatum everyone’s kind of sped us up into this, like ‘Are you getting married? Are you doing this?’” she said. “I mean I’ve been in relationships for a lot longer than Chan and I have in the last four, five years but they’re not famous so no one really cares.”

Additionally, this latest story about the British singer directly contradicts the publication’s claims in June, at which time it was adamant that Jessie J saw herself getting married in the immediate future and was trying to race Jenna Dewan, Tatum’s ex-wife, to the altar. Are we to believe that in the span of a few months, she’s gone from eagerly planning out a future wedding to rejecting the very idea of it? In reality, it’s more likely that the outlet’s so-called “insiders” are either totally wrong or flat-out nonexistent.

After all, In Touch’s history with Tatum’s relationships is shaky at best. Gossip Cop busted the outlet for a series of misinformed stories after Tatum and Dewan initially announced their divorce last year. In April 2018, the tabloid incorrectly claimed the divorce was the result of Tatum cheating. Just one week later, the magazine published a bogus cover story about how “nasty” the couple’s divorce was getting and how bitterly Dewan would fight Tatum in court. The only truth here is that In Touch is thoroughly out of touch.


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