Jessica Simpson Went On Sex Toy Shopping Spree?

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Jessica Simpson Sex toys

By Michael Lewittes |

Jessica Simpson Sex Toys

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Jessica Simpson did not go on a sex toy shopping spree, despite an absurd new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this story. We’re told that it’s “not true.”

According to the National Enquirer, Simpson went on a very adult shopping excursion with a friend over the holidays in Los Angeles. The tabloid’s almost assuredly made-up source is quoted as saying in bizarre language that Simpson and her friend were “craving to add spicy fun to their ‘mommy’ lives and surprise their husbands,” and so they spent “thousands on buzzy-wuzzy twisty toys and kinky-slinky costumes.” The same fake-sounding source added the sex toy shopping “went truly cray-cray when The Sizzle Sisters demanded hands-on demos from salespeople that had them doubled over laughing.”

Even though the Enquirer report was clearly fabricated, Gossip Cop still double checked with an impeccable Simpson insider, and we’re exclusively told the tabloid’s tale never happened, and is absolutely “not true.” Of course, Gossip Cop is hardly surprised that this is wrong. We have busted the magazine repeatedly for publishing totally manufactured tales.

Gossip Cop recently corrected the outlet for falsely reporting that Simpson was secretly reuniting with Nick Lachey. And some time ago, we shot down the tabloid for publishing a similarly wrong story about Simpson installing a “sex swing” in her bedroom. Those stories were inaccurate, and so is this latest nonsense about her supposedly spending “thousands” of dollars sex toys.


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