Jessica Simpson “Can’t Stop Eating” During Third Pregnancy?

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Jessica Simpson Pregnant

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Jessica Simpson Pregnant

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Jessica Simpson “can’t stop eating” during her third pregnancy is the premise behind a new tabloid report. But some of the claims about her weight gain are without merit. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story.

According to Star, Simpson has gained more than 40 pounds in four months and has supposedly confessed to friends, “I can’t stop eating.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as telling the magazine, “She’s miserable,” and “her joints hurt and her feet are so swollen she has to ice them every night.” “She has no self-control… and is pigging out,” continues the outlet’s “source.”

The tabloid contends Simpson had planned to “stay healthy thanks to a food-delivery service,” but its purported “insider” asserts, “she’ll eat two or three” of the prepackaged meals at at time. “She’s consuming 4,000 calories a day at least,” adds the unnamed and untraceable tipster. Basically, the magazine is alleging Simpson is consuming nearly twice as much as she should since pregnant women should eat about 2,200 calories in the second trimester and around 2,400 calories in their last trimester.

Towards the end of its article, the publication’s “insider” snipes that Simpson’s husband, Eric Johnson, has “had to wait on her hand and foot because she’s too big to do much of anything.” That’s interesting, because Star is the same unreliable tabloid that swore up and down on its cover how Simpson and Johnson were separating four years ago after being married for just a few months. It’s also the same outlet Gossip Cop busted last year when it falsely claimed Johnson was divorcing Simpson over her drinking.

Bizarrely, the tale about them splitting up over her alleged boozing came four days after that same magazine wrongly maintained Simpson had her third “baby on board.” Of course, Simpson wasn’t pregnant then, nor was she drinking too much and on the verge of a divorce. Suffice to say, the tabloid does not have a great track record with its stories about Simpson, based on information it’s attributed to anonymous sources.

So, is Simpson really eating far more than the recommended guidelines? While the magazine hides behind an unidentifiable and possibly made-up “insider,” Simpson’s rep laughed off the 4,000 calories a day figure. Speaking on the fashion mogul’s behalf, her spokesperson tells Gossip Cop the publication’s report is “not true.” We’re not saying Simpson hasn’t gained weight, like other pregnant women also do, but we’ve been assured she never told anyone, “I can’t stop eating.”


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