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Jessica Simpson is not pregnant, her rep confirmed to Gossip Cop last week on the record. But on Monday, a new story falsely speculating she is expecting is topping search results. We can bust this claim for the second time.

RadarOnline is blaring in a headline, "Shocking Photos: Jessica Simpson Shows Off Curvier Figure In Teeny Bikini Amid Pregnancy Rumors." The faulty premise seems to be that because the singer supposedly looks "curvier," she must be pregnant. The site begins its article by asking, "Is Jessica Simpson pregnant after all?" The story points out her allegedly "curvier frame" and "thicker frame," and contends, without any supporting evidence whatsoever, that she has "shocked fans" with her look.

The blog goes on to allege that Simpson's "bloated belly" is "fueling rumors that she's expecting her third child." Then, again without substantiation, the outlet maintains that when she recently "showed off her belly... fans immediately assumed it was a baby bump." The website even claims Simpson has been "dying for another child." The online publication concludes by asking readers, "Do you think Jessica Simpson is pregnant?"

But in this case, it doesn't matter what random people on the internet think. What matters is the truth from the star's own spokesperson. As her rep told us days ago, Simpson is not pregnant with her third child. The performer herself has even explained why having another child would be virtually impossible: Simpson has an IUD to prevent pregnancy. Even earlier this month, Simpson told "Entertainment Tonight" that it would be a "miracle" for her to become pregnant.

RadarOnline is willfully ignoring what Simpson herself has said about not having another child, while also disregarding her rep's confirmation that she is not currently pregnant. The site is apparently operating in a facts-free alternate reality. Among the problems with that is that search engines are promoting this misinformation (see screengrab below). Even though it has already been established that Simpson is not pregnant, this fake news is being prioritized in search results over the truth.

It should be noted that credible media outlets are not propagating this bogus narrative about a pregnancy. On the contrary, instead of contending she is pregnant, People titled its story, "Jessica Simpson Shares Some 'Sexy' Bikini Selfies as She Holidays in the Bahamas." It is just the blog once again fueling untrue pregnancy rumors about Simpson, just as it did nearly a year ago in June of 2017. Time has shown that as Gossip Cop rightly said then, she was not pregnant. That will become clear again now, no matter how the website tries to dupe search engines.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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