Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Causing Marriage Problems?

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Jessica Simpson Pregnant Marriage

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Jessica Simpson Pregnant Marriage

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Is Jessica Simpson‘s third pregnancy causing marriage problems? That’s the claim in one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop investigated the report, and it’s 100 percent untrue.

In the current issue of In Touch, the magazine asserts Simpson’s pregnancy is “weighing heavily on her marriage” to Eric Johnson. An unnamed and untraceable person identified only as an “insider close to the fashion mogul” is quoted by the outlet as contending that since Simpson feels “huge and uncomfortable,” even the most minor of things makes her “irritated,” and she’s constantly “snapping” at Johnson. “They’ve been bickering nonstop,” continues the alleged tipster.

To get around Simpson and Johnson being spotted together at Evan Ross and her sister Ashlee’s concert in Los Angeles on January 18, the tabloid finds yet another source, who says they “looked miserable” that night. The outlet then quotes yet another anonymous individual, who expresses how Simpson “doesn’t even look happy in the photos I saw from her baby shower.” As opposed to the magazine’s nameless and quite possibly made-up sources, Simpson’s rep, speaking on her behalf, exclusively tells Gossip Cop the publication’s premise is “not true at all,” and adds, “On the contrary, Eric has been incredibly supportive and loving.”

Also, Gossip Cop is not entirely sure what photos the magazine’s supposed tipster was looking at, because it’s clear from the pictures Simpson posted to Instagram of herself at the baby shower for her daughter Birdie that she did not look unhappy at all. And just 24 hours ago, while acknowledging some of the difficulties she’s dealt with during her third pregnancy, including bronchitis, sciatica and swollen feet, Simpson posted a selfie on Instagram in which she looks decidedly happy.

It appears the tabloid is fixated on Simpson’s weight, which she’s openly discussed over the years, even admitting how she’s “been every size.” Shortly before it was announced she was pregnant again, Gossip Cop busted the same outlet when it falsely claimed Simpson’s husband was urging her to lose weight and diet because of snide remarks made about her on social media. Back then, the publication again hid behind a possibly fictitious “source,” who insisted Johnson was “pushing [Simpson] to get back on the treadmill, work out with her trainer and… diet.” We similarly debunked that article with an on-the-record comment from Simpson’s camp.

It’s easier to make all sorts allegations and pin them on nameless sources. But the truth is there’s photographic evidence that, while understandably uncomfortable towards the end of her pregnancy, Simpson is not miserable. And far from having marriage problems with Johnson, the couple is looking forward together to having Birdie join their family.


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