Jessica Simpson NOT “Pregnant To Save Marriage,” Despite Report

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Jessica Simpson Pregnant Save Marriage

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Jessica Simpson Pregnant Save Marriage

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Jessica Simpson is not pregnant, nor is her marriage in need of saving, despite a report. Gossip Cop can correct this completely wrong story, which comes from the tabloids.

The piece in question can be found in this week’s National Enquirer, under the headline, “Jessica Simpson Pregnant To Save Marriage!” The article begins, “Hot mess Jessica Simpson is turning to drastic measures to save her troubled marriage: She’s having another baby!” The supermarket tabloid claims photos “show unmistakable evidence of a baby bump, according to inside sources and medical professionals.”

The gossip magazine quotes a doctor who has never treated or even met Simpson as saying she “certainly looks at least three months along.” But a diagnosis based on a paparazzi photo isn’t very professional at all. The outlet goes on to allege that Simpson’s marriage to Eric Johnson has been in jeopardy due to her alleged drinking. A so-called “spywitness” even contends he “threatened to leave her if she didn’t quit.”

And so, asserts the publication, Simpson “pleaded” to Johnson to “let her prove she’s kicked booze by giving their kids another sibling!” But Simpson is not pregnant. Gossip Cop first busted that claim when it was originally spread by the National Enquirer’s sister outlet RadarOnline last week. A few days ago, Gossip Cop called out their sister publication OK! for similarly wrongly alleging Simpson was pregnant. Heck, the singer even said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” two days before this latest tale was published that she has an IUD implant to prevent pregnancy.

These untrue tales about Simpson expecting have been part of a series of fake celebrity pregnancy tabloid stories over the last week. But there’s something especially noteworthy about this version. Just one week before claiming Simpson is expecting, the magazine ran a story about the star being “desperate” to lose weight in order to “save” her fashion empire.

It didn’t make any sense that weight loss would have an impact on Simpson’s clothing business, but it makes even less sense now that the outlet said in one issue she was trying to lose weight and then said in the very next issue that she was “at least three months” pregnant. What’s more is that some of the quotes from the first story, about Simpson’s weight, were repurposed for this new story as if they were new and related to her alleged drinking and therefore related to the supposed pregnancy.

Simply put, that Simpson “fat farm” story was made up, and now this pregnancy article is more fake news. And, by the way, Simpson’s marriage is not in need of “saving.” In fact, she just posted a tribute to Johnson on Instagram in celebration of their seventh year together. In contrast, the National Enquirer has nothing to celebrate here.