Jessica Simpson Nose Job Story Is NOT True, Despite Claim

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Jessica Simpson Nose Job

By Michael Lewittes |

Jessica Simpson Nose Job

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Jessica Simpson is NOT looking to get a nose job, despite an entirely made up tabloid story that hit newsstands on Wednesday. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this report. A source close to Simpson assures Gossip Cop there isn’t even a whiff of truth to it.

According to the National Enquirer, after supposedly “lashing out” at her sister Ashlee for getting her own nose fixed, Jessica Simpson now wants “a new nose for summer!” (We had no idea they were seasonal.) The tabloid quotes a so-called “friend” of Simpson as saying, “Jess really wants to up her sex appeal and her nose is her next project.”

So, what is the singer and fashion entrepreneur actually going to get done? The same fake “friend” says, “She wants to narrow down the bridge and lift the tip.” And why now? The magazine bizarrely offers two reasons. One, the tabloid says Simpson wants to return to performing, and since there’s a “lot of competition out there” these days, a nose job will help her “sexy image.” The second (and extremely absurd) reason she wants rhinoplasty, claims the Enquirer, is because Simpson’s “nose has changed since she had her kids.” Besides a refresher course in Journalism 101, the staff at the magazine could benefit from an anatomy lesson or two.

You would think the Enquirer would know a thing or two about noses, being the Pinocchios of celebrity reporting, but apparently the outlet does not. A source who nose, er, knows Simpson well tells Gossip Cop exclusively the magazine’s story is 100 percent “not true.”


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