Jessica Simpson Hiring “Homely” Nannies To Prevent Eric Johnson Cheating?

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jessica impson nanny eric johnson cheat

By Michael Lewittes |

jessica impson nanny eric johnson cheat

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Jessica Simpson is not hiring “homely” nannies for her kids for fear her husband Eric Johnson will cheat, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the inaccurate and mean-spirited claim. We’re told it’s completely “untrue.”

According to the disproportionately untrue OK!, “Attractive blondes shouldn’t even bother applying for a position” with Simpson, because she’s allegedly “worried” her former football player husband will cheat on her. The tabloid claims Simpson “makes it a point to hire homely household staff” to help with their children Maxwell and Ace. A so-called “pal” tells the magazine that Johnson has “a real thing for blondes, so the last thing she wants is temptation in her house.”

The alleged “pal” adds, “The nannies she always hires are, well, not exactly blessed in the looks department.” The tabloid then editorializes, “With all the nanny affairs going on in Hollywood lately… who can blame her?”

While it’s certainly not up to Gossip Cop to determine whether the magazine’s remarks are defamatory or not, it seems a bit imprudent, and most certainly impolite, to call the nannies “not exactly blessed in the looks department” and “homely,” especially when images of them are publicly available. Notwithstanding that rudeness, the publication is once again off-base. A source close to Simpson exclusively assures Gossip Cop the tabloid’s tasteless claim is 100 percent “untrue.”

Curiously, the magazine makes NO mention whatsoever of its discredited cover story from late April in which it falsely claimed Johnson was “caught with the nanny.” In that article, which Gossip Cop was first to debunk, the tabloid alleged the kids’ nanny was a “pretty young blonde,” and as a result of some sort of indiscretion, Simpson and Johnson were in the midst of a “$175 million divorce.”

Of course, the couple is not getting divorced. It’s interesting, though, how the amnesiacs at OK! forgot that eight weeks ago it claimed one of the nannies was a “pretty young blonde,” and now to create controversy, the tabloid alleges they’re “homely” and “attractive blondes shouldn’t even bother applying for a position” because Simpson doesn’t trust her husband. Actually, the only thing that’s verifiably ugly is the magazine’s reporting and insistence on publishing fabrications about Simpson and Johnson.

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Jessica Simpson has hired homely nannies to prevent Eric Johnson from cheating.

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