Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson NOT “Headed to Therapy,” Despite OK! Report

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Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson Therapy

By Daniel Gates |

Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson Therapy

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Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are NOT entering marriage counseling, despite a new OK! report claiming the couple is “headed to therapy” in the wake of a “nasty” fight at the Chateau Marmont earlier this month. Of course, Gossip Cop already debunked that alleged fight, and we can exclusively bust this new rumor, too.

According to the magazine, Simpson and Johnson’s romantic outing on February 5 “quickly turned sour,” with Simpson allegedly flying into a “jealous rage” when she supposedly caught Johnson chatting with another woman. A so-called “spy,” pretending to have seen the fight but actually just catching up on last week’s discredited Star story, tells OK!, “She went crazy… I dread to think what happened when they got home.”

An “insider” tells the outlet, “They’d fought before, but this was another level.” Simpson and Johnson allegedly realized “they needed a pro to help work out their issues,” explains the magazine.

This sensationalistic, facts-free approach to “reporting” on Simpson and Johnson is nothing new, and OK! is one of the worst offenders. In recent months, OK! has fabricated a feud between Simpson and Diana Ross, falsely reported that Simpson was getting a breast reduction, invented “last-minute wedding drama” for Simpson and Johnson, body-shamed Simpson for looking “unfeminine,” and made up a story about how Simpson and Johnson are in a sexless marriage.

Now OK! is basically going through other tabloids’ leftovers looking for possible stories on the couple, which is how this phony “therapy” rumor got started. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “There’s no truth to this.”


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