Truth About Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Having Marriage Problems

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By Griffin Matis |


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Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson have been plagued by fake tabloid stories ever since they got married in 2014. Gossip Cop has debunked several reports wrongly alleging that their relationship is in trouble. Here are a few examples.

Back in 2017, the National Enquirer published a ridiculous story titled “Jessica Simpson Pregnant To Save Marriage!” The magazine alleged that the singer got pregnant to prove to her husband that she’d “kicked booze” because he was apparently ready to divorce her over her drinking.

According to the outlet, the singer was showing a baby bump and was “at least three months along” into a pregnancy. The source for this assertion was a doctor who’s never treated Simpson and was only going off of a photo that the Enquirer provided. The tabloid also forgot that it had claimed Simpson was trying to lose weight to “save” her fashion empire the previous week. As Gossip Cop pointed out, it doesn’t make any sense for her weight to impact her business, but it would make even less sense if she was trying to lose weight while also being pregnant.

Funnily enough, just two days before the magazine published its fictional tale, Simpson said she had an IUD implant on The Ellen Degeneres Show. It wasn’t until September 2018 that Simpson would actually become pregnant with her third child. Of course, that didn’t stop the rumors about Simpson and Johnson’s marriage.

In August 2018, OK! alleged that Simpson and Johnson were getting a $1 billion divorce. The outlet cited an anonymous source who claimed “Jessica’s partying and Eric’s lack of interest” were driving the couple apart and causing constant clashes between the two.

Instead of consulting a made-up “insider,” Gossip Cop checked with Simpson’s spokesperson, who told us the couple was spending more time together than ever and were still in love. Paparazzi had actually taken several photos of Simpson and Johnson on multiple dates that very week, and they certainly didn’t look to be “clashing” while they walked arm-in-arm down the street. Both husband and wife’s social media pages were full of sweet and loving messages about the other and their family.

This February, In Touch wrongly asserted that Simpson’s third pregnancy was causing serious problems in her marriage. The outlet’s anonymous source claimed the couple was “bickering nonstop.” It was further alleged that any photos of the couple together revealed they looked “miserable” together.

Gossip Cop checked with Simpson’s spokesperson, who told us that Johnson was nothing but “incredibly supporting and loving” of his wife during her pregnancy. Even though she experienced some medical issues such as bronchitis and sciatica, the singer seemed to take it all in stride and didn’t take it out on her husband. We checked out the photos of the couple together and couldn’t find any signs of unhappiness or marital strife. This is par for the course for In Touch, which, a few weeks before this story, published another made-up piece about Johnson trying to get Simpson to lose weight.

In July, OK! came up with a story about Johnson “begging” Simpson to change her “drastic” weight loss plans. The outlet’s anonymous source alleged that Johnson “never sees her anymore” because she spent too much time working out. She had supposedly given up their date night in favor of more time losing weight.

Although Simpson had indeed been working out, as she’d said in an interview with People, it was because she had just given birth to her and Johnson’s third child. However, the singer took a totally healthy and normal approach by eating better and exercising more — not all the time. Gossip Cop also checked with Simpson’s spokesperson, who told us that she wasn’t neglecting her marriage for her weight loss goals. We were further told that Johnson often works out with his wife as well.

With all of these publications being under the same ownership, we’d think they’d learn from each other’s mistakes. Instead, the tabloids continue to make up stories about celebrities and come up with cruel rumors about their personal lives. Gossip Cop will continue to debunk such reports.


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