Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Did NOT Fight at Hotel, Despite Bogus Star Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson Fight

By Daniel Gates |

Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson Fight


Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson did NOT have the “fight to end all fights,” despite a new Star cover story, which falsely alleges they had a “drunken brawl” after she supposedly caught him with “another woman.” Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this report, as we’ve correctly busted countless outrageously false Star stories about Simpson over the years.

According to the magazine, there was a “violent scene” in the lobby of the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood earlier this month, with Simpson allegedly “screaming at her husband” and Johnson “collapsing into their chauffeured car with a bloody gash on his nose.” Star claims the couple’s marriage could be on the “brink of collapse” after the purported fight, which the tabloid’s insider claims happened after Simpson “saw Eric exchange glances with another woman.”

Star alleges the unidentified brunette caught Johnson’s eye, and that “all hell broke loose” after Johnson got up to use the bathroom and Simpson allegedly found him chatting with the mystery woman. Simpson is said to have flown into a “jealous rage.” According to the outlet’s source, Simpson bloodied Johnson’s nose by hitting him with her designer bag. Star says they eventually left with Simpson furious and Johnson drunk, allegedly leaving behind a hotel full of people who couldn’t stop talking about the incident.

Weird. Because Star makes it sound like the couple had a prolonged, verbal and physical fight in a very public place, and yet NO ONE besides Star has mentioned it. Literally ALL Star has is a picture of Johnson sitting in the car with a cut on his nose. Around that, an entire fabricated story was concocted.

It’s “totally ridiculous,” a rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop. The cut on Johnson’s nose, unfortunately for Star, is the result of a much less sensational story. The rep tells Gossip Cop the couple’s son Ace was falling off a slide when Johnson jumped to help him and hit his face on the playground equipment. That might explain why all those alleged “eyewitnesses” Star cites didn’t bother to take pictures of two celebrities physically striking each other, or tell any other outlets. Simply, it never happened.

The rep tells Gossip Cop that Simpson and Johnson have “no marriage troubles,” and the Star story about him flirting with another woman is completely false. Of course, that’s nothing new for Star. Just two months ago, Star claimed Simpson had stopped talking to her sister Ashlee because of a rift between Johnson and Ashlee’s husband Evan Ross. That was 100 percent untrue. Back in November, Star said Simpson and Johnson were going to do a reality show together. That was made up. Three weeks before that, Star insisted Simpson and Johnson were separating. That was false. These are just some of the stories Star has gotten completely wrong about Simpson and Johnson recently. The magazine has been spreading lies about her for years, at one point even linking her to Tiger Woods. It’s craziness, and it has to stop.


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