Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Take Naughty Fifty Shades Photos For Valentine’s Day — SEE PICTURES!

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Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson Fifty Shades

By Shari Weiss |

Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson Fifty Shades


Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson got a little naughty on Valentine’s Day, and the singer is now sharing the raunchy photos on Instagram for everyone to see. Check out the pictures below!

In the first of the snapshots, a shirtless Johnson has Simpson laying over his knee as he grabs onto her butt cheek, with the star captioning the photo, “V-Day #FIFTYSHADESOFJOHNSON.” In the second, for which Simpson wrote, “#FIFTYSHADESOFJOHNSON,” the couple is entangled together with a still-shirtless Johnson groping Simpson’s breast. And the last one, captioned, “I’m so in love with you #FIFTYSHADESOFJOHNSON,” shows the pair kissing. Simpson is dressed in all three shots, though just barely, with her cleavage and thighs on display.

Fans were mixed on the provocative pics. “Don’t need to see these. I didn’t know I would have to look at porn. Gross. Keep it private. So sick of this world accepting everything as harmless,” wrote one follower. Another quipped, “Fifty Shades of Inappropriate for social media!” Someone else praised the kissing portrait, but objected to the others, and went as far as invoking religion. “This is a classy pic. The others ones are NOT appropriate for Instagram. Not tht you should care what I think but you SHOULD care what the Holy Spirit living inside you thinks. Unfollow,” wrote the Instagram user.

A different poster, referring to the picture seen above, complained in a lengthy comment, “I’m not a hater in the least bit, but this pic is too much. Obviously it was a photo shoot and his hand is probably just laying on the inside of her thigh, but when u hashtag it fiftyshadesofjohnson you are definitely trying to imply something sexual is going on. It’s a hot pic but some things should just be left between man and wife. How these man can exploit their wives is so disgusting to me. Leave some things to the imagination. I don’t need to wake up and see Jessica Simpson getting a hand stuck up her by her husband, but thats just my opinion.”

Still, one supporter posted, “I wanna know whos taking the pics!! Keep being you. Haters gonna hate.” Another noted, “It just a sarcastic version of the movie 50 shades of grey with her hubby completely harmless.” One person even deemed the pics “relationship goals.” Yet another follower wrote, “Get it Jessica!!” while someone else remarked, “Hot hot hot!!!!! Wish it was me!!!” See the pictures below, and tell us what you think!



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