Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson NOT Becoming “Booze Moguls,” Despite Report

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Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson Booze

By Michael Lewittes |

Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson Booze

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Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are not becoming “booze moguls,” despite a wholly made-up report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this tale about the couple wanting to start their very own alcohol brand. We’re told there’s “no truth” to the claim.

RadarOnline maintains Simpson and Johnson want to “cash in on their love of drinking” and produce their own booze label. To back up its contention, the often disproven site quotes an either ill-informed or possibly fictitious “insider” as telling the outlet, “Jess comes from this very self-righteous place, saying she’s proud of her lifestyle choices and to hell with the haters who’d deprive her and Eric from splurging on their favorite food.” “She embraces her love of fine wine and gourmet food, and wants to inspire others to do the same, especially with the booze,” adds the highly suspect source.

The blog further asserts that Johnson and Simpson are “researching what it would take to make a mint off their shared passion.” In unnaturally descriptive language, the alleged “insider” contends, “They’re intrigued by the business opportunity that goes with harvesting top-shelf liquor, like George Clooney and Rande Gerber did with Casamigos.” The site’s tipster concludes, “They’re seriously looking into it and are convinced they’ve got a gold mine on their hands once it’s ready to roll.”

So, are Simpson and Johnson looking to produce and distribute “fine wine” or “top-shelf liquor”? Not surprisingly, the site leaves that vague. And even less surprisingly, the purported “insider” appears not to have any inside information about it. That’s because the entire story is false.

While it’s true Simpson built a billion-dollar fashion empire, and Clooney sold his tequila company for $1 billion, she is not looking to branch out into booze. RadarOnline appears to be simply using Simpson’s reputation for drinking as an excuse for this manufactured article. Regardless, while the website hangs its entire tale on an unnamed and presumably untraceable “insider,” Simpson’s own rep assures Gossip Cop on the record that there is absolutely “no truth” to the outlet’s claim that she and Johnson are becoming “booze moguls.”

The online publication doesn’t exactly have a stellar history with its articles about Simpson. In December 2016, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for wrongly reporting Simpson was pregnant with her third child. Not leaving bad enough alone, the site made the same false assertion about Simpson being pregnant in May 2017 and again a month later. Curiously, the outlet doesn’t mention anything about Simpson expecting it is latest story. Much like its previous tales that alleged its information came from an “insider,” the current claim about Simpson and Johnson looking to become “booze moguls” is all wet.

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