Jessica Simpson “Hits Rock Bottom” Is Made-Up Story

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Jessica Simpson Rock Bottom

By Andrew Shuster |

Jessica Simpson Rock Bottom

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A new tabloid report declaring that Jessica Simpson has “hit rock bottom” is entirely made-up. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this phony report.

An article in the latest issue of Star claims the singer’s inner circle is worried about her alleged unhealthy lifestyle of heavy drinking, bing-eating and partying. A supposed “friend” of Simpson tells the magazine, “Poor Jess really seems to be losing it. Lately, she’s been looking trashed, slurring her words, not making sense. No wonder people think she’s drunk, on drugs or both.”

The outlet’s dubious “insider” continues, “There’s real concern that she’s on her way to a serious health problem, possibly even an overdose, if she continues down this path.” The questionable source goes on to say the singer’s pals and her sister Ashlee want to hold an intervention, but her husband Eric Johnson “seems fine with the way things are.” The “insider” theorizes, “Maybe he doesn’t want to rock the boat because he’s got such a nice, luxurious life,” before alleging the singer “could risk losing” her two young kids, 5-year-old daughter Maxwell and 4-year-old son Ace.

But Gossip Cop looked into the tabloid’s serious accusations, and we’re exclusively assured they’re all bogus. A close friend of Simpson’s tells Gossip Cop there’s “no truth” to the tabloid’s tale. Unfortunately, we’ve had to repeatedly bust phony rumors about the singer having a problem with drugs and alcohol, so this latest fabrication comes as no surprise.

Gossip Cop recently called out Star’s sister publication, OK!, for falsely claiming Simpson’s friends suspected she was drunk during her appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” We also corrected that outlet after it wrongly reported Simpson and her husband act “drunk and disorderly” every time they go out. This latest article regarding the singer’s well-being is similarly untrue.

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