Exactly one year ago, a tabloid falsely claimed that Jessica Simpson's husband Eric Johnson was going to divorce her because she had a drinking problem. Gossip Cop debunked the bogus premise when it first emerged. Time has proven it completely untrue.

On September 28, 2017, Star alleged that Johnson was fed up with Simpson's drinking and planned to end their marriage over it. The article was manufactured because the singer was photographed looking tipsy after a night out celebrating her husband's 38th birthday. The unreliable magazine went on to say that the former NFL player considered his wife to be a "liability" and was "tired of playing dad" to both her and their two kids.

When the report was published this time last year, a trusted source close to the couple assured us it was nonsense. The tabloid also failed to mention that in honor of her husband's 38th birthday last year, Simpson had posted an Instagram photo of the two holding up large pints of beer, along with the headline, "It was a HOPPY birthday." It's clear the former football player doesn't have a problem with his wife letting loose. Additionally, Simpson runs a billion-dollar fashion empire. That's no easy task, so it's illogical to believe that she acts like a child and neews Johnson to babysit her.

Regardless, it's now 12 months later and the happy spouses are still very much together. In fact, not only was there no divorce, but Simpson announced on Instagram last week that she's pregnant with their third child. The tabloid claimed last year that Johnson was "tired of playing dad" to his wife and their kids, but if the former NFL star truly felt that way, he wouldn't be welcoming another baby with her.

Around two months after the phony story was published last year, Star's sister outlet, RadarOnline, said Simpson and Johnson were launching their own brand of alcohol. That claim wasn't true either, but it shows how the magazine and its related publications can't keep their stories straight. How exactly did Johnson go from divorcing his wife over her drinking to starting an alcohol business with her?

Just last month, Gossip Cop busted Star's other sister outlet, OK!, for falsely claiming that Simpson and Johnson were getting a $1 billion divorce. Instead, they're welcoming a third child together. It's fairly obvious that the tabloids have zero insight into the singer's personal life, so they make up phony narratives about her instead.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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