Jessica Simpson “Ditching Family” To Focus On “Losing Weight”?

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Jessica Simpson Ditching Family Lose Weight

By Shari Weiss |

Jessica Simpson Ditching Family Lose Weight

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Jessica Simpson is NOT “ditching [her] family” to focus on “losing weight,” despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

According to OK!, “Booze-obsessed Jessica Simpson has been packing on the pounds in recent months thanks to her lifestyle, but now the mother-of-two is hellbent on losing weight — and spending less time with her family.” The tabloid claims that the singer’s “hardcore gym regimen” includes a “staggering six hours in the gym” away from her children.

“The problem is that there’s no time left in her day for anything else besides exercise,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. The supposed tipster goes on to allege that while Simpson “just wants to keep the momentum going,” her workout schedule is “OCD beyond belief.”

Interestingly, this piece comes after the magazine claimed last week that, contrary to “packing on the pounds,” Simpson’s “trim” figure could be attributed to her “replac[ing] food with alcohol.” Nothing was mentioned about an exercise obsession or a need to lose weight. And this new story doesn’t say anything about Simpson needing rehab, as the prior report alleged. OK! seems to content to make up article after article, regardless of consistency and accuracy.

And as long as that continues to happen, Gossip Cop will keep pointing it out. After all, this is the same outlet that announced in a cover story in 2014 that Simpson was expecting her third child. Gossip Cop correctly debunked that, and now we’re told that Simpson is a dedicated mother who is absolutely NOT “ditching” her kids in order to work out. OK! and its contradictions once again carry no weight.

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Jessica Simpson is ditching her family to focus on losing weight.


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