Jessica Simpson Depressed Over Weight Gain, Career Slump?

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Jessica Simpson NW Cover

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Jessica Simpson NW Cover


Jessica Simpson is depressed over a weight gain and her supposed career slump, according to a completely wrong tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned this report couldn’t be further from the truth. We can bust the baseless claims.

The new cover of NW features recent photos of Simpson in a bikini with the fake quote, “I Feel Fat & Alone.” The singer never actually made such a comment, but the same fabricated declaration is used as a headline inside the issue, too. According to the accompanying article, Simpson is “seriously down in the dumps as her weight spirals and her performing career slumps.” A so-called “insider” claims she has “put on about 50 pounds,” and often “can’t stand to look in the mirror.” Contends the supposed source, “She feels so alone and like no one understands what she’s going through.”

The gossip magazine acknowledges Simpson’s personal life with Eric Johnson and their two kids is going strong, but maintains “the root of Jess’s unhappiness and weight gain is her professional life, or lack thereof.” Though she’s the head of a “billion-dollar fashion empire,” it’s pointed out her “acting and singing careers have stalled.” And, alleges the outlet, “now that she’s no longer on stage, she’s lost the motivation to stay in shape.”

The publication next goes on to regurgitate some bogus claims. First, after insisting she has a happy marriage, the tabloid bizarrely brings up a September In Touch story that falsely alleged Simpson and Johnson were regularly having fights over her drinking. Then the magazine repeats untrue contentions about the couple adding another child to their family. As Gossip Cop has reported several times recently, Simpson is not pregnant and has no intention of expanding her brood.

That the outlet is spreading all of this misinformation indicates that it doesn’t actually have a credible “insider” with real insight on Simpson’s life. But Gossip Cop does. We actually spoke with her rep, who tells us on the record that there’s no merit to this narrative about her being depressed over her size and the state of her career. It should be noted Simpson has regularly flaunted her appearance on Instagram in recent days, which goes against the notion that she’s unhappy with her looks.

As for returning to her musical roots, earlier this year Simpson shared an Instagram post showing she was working on new music. Just because she hasn’t chosen to release any yet doesn’t mean she’s in a “slump.” Simpson appears to be living her best life. It’s a shame this publication is suggesting otherwise without legitimate evidence.


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