Jessica Simpson Not “Cheapskate,” Despite Report

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Jessica Simpson cheap

By Daniel Gates |

Jessica Simpson cheap

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Jessica Simpson is a “cheapskate,” declares OK! magazine, explaining that while she’s “at the helm of a billion-dollar empire,” Simpson’s friends “shouldn’t expect to see her sharing the wealth!” Oh?

“The money that Jess has made from her fashion lines has her set for life financially, but she still has a crazy fear of going broke,” a so-called “insider” explains to the tabloid, which says Simpson “cuts corners any way she can, ordering husband Eric Johnson and their nannies to sift through coupons every week and buying generic food and toiletries.”

OK!’s source says, “Jess hates going to the grocery store without coupons, and it drives Eric insane.” And it doesn’t end there. “Rather than purchasing gifts for her friends’ birthdays or holidays, she gives them pieces from her clothing line,” claims the magazine’s insider. “Everyone thinks it’s tacky, but they would never have the nerve to tell her.”

Of course, this is the same outlet that’s been making up Simpson stories for years. The magazine has made up marriage problems, breast reduction surgery, family feuds, boozing, a third pregnancy, and countless other reports about Simpson. It did the same thing here.

A source close to the star tells Gossip Cop exclusively the story “couldn’t be further from the truth.” Our insider tells us, “Jessica is hands down the most generous person I have ever met in my life,” noting that Simpson is “not remotely frugal” when it comes to buying gifts for friends or things for her family.


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