Jessica Simpson Writing ‘Juicy Tell-All’ About Nick Lachey?

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Jessica Simpson Book Nick Lachey

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Jessica Simpson Book Nick Lachey

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Jessica Simpson is writing a memoir, but just how much detail about Nick Lachey is she including? The tabloids claim she’s going to use her book as a “tell-all” about her ex-husband, and it’s getting the 98 Degrees singer and his wife Vanessa very concerned. Gossip Cop looked into the report and can confirm it’s completely false.

According to Life & Style, Simpson’s currently untitled tome will include dish about her and Lachey’s sex life, the “real reason they got a divorce,” and her inner thoughts about his second wife. Although the boy band singer hasn’t read the unfinished autobiography, the magazine maintains it has an “insider” who asserts the memoir will discuss “all the ups and downs” Lachey and Simpson had, and he “should be worried.” Being that Simpson and Lachey were married and divorce in under four years, it seems absurd that it will be such a large topic of her book, which will also focus on her childhood, faith, singing and acting career, extraordinary success in business, motherhood, and (longer) marriage to Eric Johnson.

Even when Simpson announced to People that she’s writing a memoir, she noted that one of her purposes is “to inspire people.” How actually would a revenge tell-all about an old romance “inspire people”? Simpson similarly posted on Instagram about the book and positively revealed how she’s “opened [her] heart up” for it. Lastly, as opposed to the tabloid’s anonymous source, who appears to be speculating, Simpson’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “The book is a memoir, so it will include her marriage to Nick, but will by no means be a ‘tell-all.’”

If this were a one-time mistake, perhaps Gossip Cop would be a little more forgiving, but Life & Style has a track record for making bogus claims about Simpson. Last year, the outlet swore up and down in a cover story that Simpson was having twin baby girls. In reality, she had only one daughter named Birdie.

And it sister publications, which also contend this week how Simpson’s writing a “tell-all,” have not been anymore accurate about her either. Just about a year ago, Gossip Cop busted OK! for its off-base front page article that alleged Simpson was getting a $1 billion divorce from Johnson. We noted then it was wrong, and the two remain happily together to this day.

That same magazine also published a ridiculous tale about how Simpson was spending millions of dollars on baby Birdie’s nursery. That too was a work of fiction. Conversely, if you just want the facts about Simpson, there’s always Gossip Cop, and eventually there will be her own memoir as well.


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