Jessica Lowndes, Jon Lovitz Play Lovers In ‘Deja Vu’ Remix Music Video – WATCH!

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Jessica Lowndes Jon Lovitz Deja Vu

By Michael Lewittes |

Jessica Lowndes is not dating Jon Lovitz, as Gossip Cop reported earlier on Monday, and has just released a video for the remix of her song “Deja Vu,” which stars the former “Saturday Night Live” star. Much like Gossip Cop noted, Lowndes and Lovitz’s dating prank with multiple posts on Instagram about her having found a Sugar Daddy” and possibly being engaged to him, was simply to promote her new music video, which is humorously done like a “Pop Up Video.” Watch below.

When releasing the video, Lowndes noted, “I love a good prank so happy early April Fools!” Lowndes explained, as Gossip Cop reported, how she and Lovitz met in 2015 while filming an episode of “Hawaii 5-0.” “I fell in love with his humor and comedy so when I was looking for someone to be a part of my Déjà Vu remix, which is a nod to the 80’s Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and 90’s Pop Up Video, he was the first person to come to mind,” she wrote.

In the video, Lovitz is her rich, Bentley-driving love interest. But as we see images of him in the luxury car, there are pop up bubbles that say that it “isn’t actually Jon’s car,” and that he “drives a Camry.” While she’s orally servicing Lovitz in the car, there’s also a pop up about “erectile dysfunction.” A later message notes, as Lowndes straddles the former “SNL” cast member, that Lovitz “actually PAID to be in this video.”

At the end of the video, however, we see that Lovitz is in a hospital and dreamt up the whole relationship with Lowndes. Check out the music video below of Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz in her remix of “Deja Vu.” Editor’s Note: Gossip Cop ’s own Top Cop Michael Lewittes years ago wrote for “Pop Up Video,” and Jessica Lowndes nailed the style and humor perfectly.


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