Jessica Chastain Wedding Photos Shamefully Published By In Touch

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Jessica Chastain Wedding Photos

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Jessica Chastain Wedding Photos

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Jessica Chastain’s unsanctioned wedding photos were shamefully published by In Touch on Wednesday. The pictures were taken by paparazzi, who did not have permission to photograph the private event.

As Gossip Cop reported, last Saturday Chastain married Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo at his family’s estate, Villa Tiepolo Passi, in Treviso, Italy. The couple has been together since 2012, and while they sometimes attend events together, Chastain has rarely spoken about the relationship in the media. She gave no advance indication that she planned to wed, and understandably wanted her nuptials to be a private affair just for family and friends.

That’s why the Oscar nominee was heartbroken when paparazzi used long-lenses to photograph the event against her wishes, and then sold the pictures to various media outlets. The pics then circulated on social media, leading Chastain to tweet on Tuesday night, “Did you hear? Im off the market. Gianluca & I got married! We wanted privacy & aren’t selling photos but Ill post something in the future.”

She also included a strongly-worded type-written statement, which said, “Thank you all for the sweet comments about my wedding. I love you and it was a beautiful day. I am going to ask you to please stop sharing the photos. Helicopters disregarded a nofly zone & took pics during the ceremony. Everytime I set them I’m reminded of the insensitivity of that moment. I promise that I will share pics with you in the future, but I would prefer to share photos that celebrate love not intrusion.”

Unfortunately, the new issue of In Touch hit newsstands hours later with a photo of new bride Chastain and groom Passi de Preposulo right at the top of the cover. It blares, “Jessica Chastain’s Wedding Pics!” Inside the edition, the purchased paparazzi snapshots take up two pages of the gossip magazine. The invasive aerial photos clearly show the couple in the midst of their ceremony. One of the shots, quite obviously taken from up in the air, is so large, it features not just the pair saying “I do,” but also all the guests standing behind them.

There’s also a photo of pals Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt as they walked into the wedding, and an overhead shot of the private estate. Ironically, the outlet declares, “Bridal Bliss!” But Chastain feels no “bliss” over these photos being printed by the gossip media. “It’s awful,” a source close to the newlywed actress tells Gossip Cop. Chastain’s privacy was invaded on that most special day, and now In Touch has violated it again by buying and publishing the unapproved pictures. The tabloid should be ashamed.