Jessica Chastain Pushing To Win Awards For “Molly’s Game”?

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Jessica Chastain Awards Molly's Game

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Jessica Chastain Awards Molly's Game

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Is Jessica Chastain really pushing to win awards for Molly’s Game? That’s the rumor being spread by one of the tabloids, but there’s a few flaws in the story. Gossip Cop can debunk the report.

The article is featured in the current edition of OK! with the headline, “Jessica’s Pushy Plugging.” The gossip magazine begins by contending, “If it’s an honor just to be nominated, you wouldn’t know it from Jessica Chastain’s all-out push for her Molly’s Game performance this awards season.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Jessica is extremely driven, and she’s shaking more hands at industry parties than all of her competitors combined.”

“She’s even popping into events for other films so she can butter up anyone who’s marking ballots for awards,” continues the outlet’s supposed source. This alleged tipster further claims, “She’s really getting into people’s faces and annoying them” and “isn’t being subtle about promoting herself.” Tellingly, though, no specific examples are given. And Gossip Cop can’t help but wonder if the publication would’ve written this same “pushy” tale about a man.

Importantly, the timing of this piece doesn’t even make sense. It was published in the OK! issue that came out on Wednesday, January 24. That was after the Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards, where Chastain was nominated but didn’t win. The publication date was also one day after the Academy Awards nominations were announced. The actress did not make the cut. So awards season, in terms of opportunities to win, is over for her this time around. So why would Chastain be going around “plugging” herself, as claimed?

Furthermore, if the tabloid did just a little bit of research, it would’ve learned that Chastain isn’t aiming to win an Oscar when she picks her film roles. “I don’t live my life going, ‘Oh, God, I need this…thing.’ Yes, it’s a wonderful thing, but if you live your life hoping for a result, then you’re not really ever being in the moment,” she said in a 2016 “Sunday Today” interview.

The star went on, “When you’re making a film, you can’t be in the film going, ‘This is my Oscar film!’ I mean, it’s crazy when you think about that.” Chastain explained, “When I take on a movie, I go, ‘What am I going to learn from this? Who am I working with? How am I leaving this set being a better person than I was when I arrived?’ And if I’m doing that, that’s better than any award.”

It’s also disheartening that the magazine is running this clearly untrue tale the same week Chastain has received praise for helping Octavia Spencer earn increased pay on an upcoming project. Several fellow stars have come out and cheered her efforts. Yet here is an outlet wrongly trying to tear her down. That is really not okay.