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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have appeared in the tabloids numerous times since the pop star was caught holding hands with Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright in New Orleans. Though Timberlake apologized to both his family and Biel, tabloids still use it as an excuse to claim that Biel and Timberlake are headed for divorce. After busting so many stories on the same topic, Gossip Cop couldn't help but notice the trend and gathered the most outrageous rumors to double-check our verdict.

Star reported in early February that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake had met with divorce lawyers to find out what a settlement would look like should the couple decide to separate. A so-called "insider" spoke with the outlet, saying, "There's talk Justin and Jessica are going to divorce." The dubious source continued, "They've tried to patch things up, but the tension between them is still horrible." As a result, the couple consulted with attorneys and "had a meeting about what would happen with all their assets if they divorced."

The lawyer supposedly did a "mock-up" of how the divorce process would go "based on their prenup," confided the source. "Their relationship is ultimately without a pulse — dead. It's a matter of when, not if, they'll split. They'd need a miracle to establish the connection and trust they once shared." This supposed insider really needs to check their facts.

Days before, Jessica Biel created an Instagram post commemorating her husband's birthday. "Happy birthday to the most timeless man I know. You somehow grow up without growing old. We love you so much," the caption read. Furthermore, Entertainment Tonight, a much more reliable source for information on the couple, reported that Justin Timberlake and his wife were "in a very good place" following the New Orleans scandal. Gossip Cop found this rumor to be totally bogus.

A few days later, we called out Life & Style for their report that claimed that Biel and Timberlake were divorcing after a failed attempt at marriage counseling. A suspicious source told the outlet, "They're putting on a united front and they're in therapy," but "things aren't good, and no one knows if it's going to work out." "Jessica no longer trusts him," after he was seen holding hands with Wainwright, insisted the source.

Gossip Cop reached out to our own impeccable source close to the situation, who dismissed the story as "absolutely not true." After Justin Timberlake's public apology for his "strong lapse of judgement," the couple has made it very clear that they've put the incident behind them and are committed to moving forward together.

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A little later that month, the same publication once again wrote about the couple's "troubled marriage." This time, it was alleged that Jessica Biel had forbidden Justin Timberlake from going out at night with Trolls World Tour co-star Anna Kendrick. "Jessica made it clear that she expects Justin to be on his best behavior," snitched a supposed source.

To make sure he didn't have a repeat of the New Orleans situation, Biel was supposedly keeping her husband "on a very short leash" when it came to what Timberlake was and wasn't allowed to do with his female co-stars. In fact, the source claimed, she'd "even given him a curfew." If she found out he'd gotten flirty with Kendrick, the insider contended, their "marriage would be over for good." Of course, this is also utter nonsense.

Gossip Cop checked in once more with our trusted source, who denied any claims of Biel putting Timberlake on "a curfew" or forbidding him from socializing with Kendrick. What did poor Anna Kendrick ever do to deserve to be treated by this tabloid as if she couldn't be trusted around another woman's husband, anyway?

Finally, another report from Star last month claimed that Timberlake and Biel were heading for a $250 million divorce following the New Orleans incident. "It doesn't matter if Justin and Alisha weren't caught kissing, this is still cheating. Jessica won't forgive him," a so-called source stated. "This is the final straw."

"Justin's apologizing for what he did, and Jessica's forced to make the decision of a lifetime," the tipster continued. "But I know her, and she won't stay with him." Yes, about five months after the incident in question, Biel had decided she'd leave Timberlake. Not.

Gossip Cop took some time to look through Jessica Biel's Instagram account and noted several images the actress had posted declaring her love for her husband. On Valentine's Day, Biel posted a photo of Justin Timberlake holding the couple's son with the caption, "My Valentines. Love you guys to the [moon emoji]."

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My valentines [?] Love you guys to the

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On her birthday, Biel posted a series of photos featuring Timberlake delivering her birthday cake to her. The caption read, "Celebrating my birthday in style... and by that I mean, in pajamas. I made Justin PROMISE not to sing Happy Birthday to me, so he improvised. Sorry you can't hear it, but I'm still laughing. Thank you, you wonderful human, for really listening to me, and for throwing my kinda party. And thank YOU ALL for the birthday wishes. Feeling the love." We know she's an actress, but that's the kind of reaction no one can fake.

Even before the New Orleans incident, tabloids had written about Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's so-called "marriage troubles." Gossip Cop busted so many of those false rumors, we compiled them in an article of their own. Can't the tabloids just let this couple be happy together?

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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