Jessica Biel: I’m Justin Timberlake’s Boss (VIDEO)

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Jessica Biel Jimmy Kimmel

By Holly Nicol |

Jessica Biel Jimmy Kimmel


Jessica Biel appeared on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to discuss her new movie, The Book of Love, but mostly discussed how it felt to be Justin Timberlake’s boss during the production of the film. Check out the video below!

During her interview, Biel talked about how her husband composed the music for her new movie, which was something Timberlake had never done before. “He and his partner, Mitch, a wonderful musician he worked with to do this score, put everything together using keyboards and guitars. He played everything,” the actress said. “He put together a massive string and horn section, and then he hires the guy who writes all the parts.”

Biel went on to note how the singer hired different musicians to perform the score, prompting Kimmel to draw the audiences attention to how the actress hired her husband. When asked if she ever thought something Timberlake created didn’t work, she said, “Anything I didn’t like, I would just say, ‘I love it, baby.'” But Biel also confessed to being truthful with her producing partner, Michelle Purple, about her husband’s scoring. “I would tell Michelle, ‘Tell Justin you don’t like that.’ Why would we ever be truthful?” Biel joked. “Everything was so great. He worked really intensely with Bill, our director, and those two would sit in the studio and hash the music out for days. Everything was amazing.” Watch Biel’s interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” below!

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