Jessica Alba Did NOT Refuse Drew Barrymore Business Advice, Despite Claim

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Jessica Alba Drew Barrymore

By Michael Lewittes |

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Jessica Alba did not refuse to give Drew Barrymore business advice, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively dispel the claim that Alba rebuffed her pal because she doesn’t want Barrymore as competition. We’re assured it “never happened.”

According to Star, Alba told Barrymore, “Back off my biz.” The tabloid quotes a so-called “source” saying in highly unnatural language, “Drew has done really well with her Flower Beauty brand and wants to expand,” and “with her recent divorce, she’s more focused than ever on her kids, Olive and Frankie, so she figured baby products were the way to go.”

The magazine alleges Barrymore sought advice from Alba, who created the Honest Company, but the latter “flat-out refused to help.” The publication’s seemingly fabricated “source” claims, “Jessica even scoffed at the idea that Drew’s company could hold a candle to hers.” “Drew was floored — she just wanted to pick Jessica’s brain about a few ideas and thought moms stick together.”

If the tabloid’s report sounds made up, that’s because it was. But before Gossip Cop gets into what an actual insider told us, let’s examine the magazine’s seemingly phony quotations. Besides it being highly unlikely that a person would say in a normal conversation Barrymore is “more focused than ever on her kids” and then actually list the two girls’ names, “Olive and Frankie,” the publication’s supposed “source” mentions her “recent divorce.” One problem: Barrymore is not divorced yet. Clearly, the outlet’s alleged “insider” knows little about Barrymore, or more likely was concocted by the ill-informed tabloid itself.

Also interesting is that this new article about Barrymore doesn’t mention the actress is pregnant. That’s funny, because three months ago, Star reported that she was possibly six months along. At the time the magazine published its foolish story, Gossip Cop was first to blast as untruthful. Well, the untrustworthy tabloid’s latest claim is equally wrong. Alba has not “refused to help” Barrymore with a children’s line. An impeccable source assures Gossip Cop that a meeting, as described by the spotty publication, “never happened.”


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