Jessica Alba’s Marriage NOT In “Jeopardy,” Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jessica Alba Marriage Jeopardy Cash Warren

By Shari Weiss |

Jessica Alba Marriage Jeopardy Cash Warren

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Jessica Alba’s marriage is NOT in “jeopardy,” despite a report falsely claiming her “business is ruining her relationship with husband Cash Warren.” Gossip Cop can correct the claim, with a rep exclusively telling us the allegation is false.

The story can be found in the new issue of In Touch, which says Alba and Warren’s marriage “seems to be falling apart as fighting, jealousy and simmering resentment fuel their unhappiness.” A so-called “family insider” alleges to the outlet, “They have one of the worst marriages in Hollywood.” Gossip Cop would like to know what kind of real “family insider” would go making such statements to a tabloid.

Suspending disbelief for a moment, In Touch goes on to claim Alba’s “business is the root of their problems.” The supposed “family insider” explains, “It’s caused a lot of tension between her and Cash, to the point where the fight all the time.” Warren is said to be “jealous” of his wife’s success with The Honest Company, and tired of being treated like a “stay-at-home dad.” It’s further claimed the couple had a “screaming match” recently over Alba’s alleged refusal to partner with Warren on a new project, and the source dramatically states that their “life is miserable.”

But it’s not Alba and Warren’s relationship that has “taken a turn for the worse.” It’s In Touch’s “reporting.” The magazine ran two similar stories nearly a year ago, with sister publication Life & Style joining in by claiming the couple was set for a $250 million divorce. Gossip Cop busted each report, and we were right every time.

We can now debunk this new one, too. A rep for Alba exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the marriage “jeopardy” allegations are 100 percent “not true.” In other words, In Touch remains as out of touch as ever. By the way, the photo above is Alba and Warren looking anything but “miserable” at a New York Fashion Week show on Tuesday, hours before this misguided story hit newsstands.


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