Jessica Alba Tells Jimmy Fallon About “Sweaty Ass” And “Swass” On “Tonight Show” – WATCH VIDEO

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Jessica Alba Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jessica Alba Jimmy Fallon Video


Jessica Alba taught Jimmy Fallon about “sweaty ass,” also known as “swass,” on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch below!

Fallon had a week full of new episodes after taking a hiatus due to the Olympics. The late-night show capped off its big return with guest Jessica Alba. The actress joined the host, sidekick Higgins, and fellow guest Jeff Foxworthy for a hilarious game of beer pong with Roombas.

But an arguably funnier, and certainly more awkward, moment came during Alba’s sit-down chat. During the interview, Fallon asked about the star’s family, and she brought up husband Cash Warren’s company, Pair Of Thieves, which makes “undies” and “sockies.” Alba revealed, “He makes undies that have no swass.”

The term had Fallon puzzled, until she explained, “Do you know what that means?… He said guys get ‘sweaty ass.’ And so his undies are no swass.” Alba admitted, “I never knew that about guys.” Fallon quipped in response, “Well, you should, he’s your husband! You should know if he has swass!”

Fallon amusingly insisted it’s not a problem he personally has, though he said he would go on Urban Dictionary to look into the terminology further. It’s worth noting, by the way, that Alba’s bragging about her husband and his business also confirms the various busts Gossip Cop did earlier this year, debunking tabloid tales of marriage problems. Check out the videos below!


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