Jessica Alba, Cash Warren Fighting Over Everything And Headed For Divorce?

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Cash Warren and Jessica Alba attend the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

By Laura Broman |

Cash Warren and Jessica Alba attend the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

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Is Jessica Alba’s marriage to Cash Warren crumbling? That’s what one tabloid is claiming. Gossip Cop looked into the story and found it completely false.

Woman’s Day ran a story this week claiming that the actress was spotted out and about without her wedding ring. The tabloid cites “friends” of the couple who says that Alba and her producer husband have been fighting over “everything,” due partly to Alba’s heavy workload. The supposed friends state that Alba is “totally dependent” on Warren to “keep the family together,” adding that divorce would “crush her in every way.” With friends like these, who needs prying paparazzi?

Gossip Cop finds absolutely no truth to these claims. Though the tabloid does show a photo of Alba looking “downcast” and not wearing a ring while doing some grocery shopping, that alone means nothing. This is a classic case of a tabloid reading way too much into a completely innocuous photo. She’s just going grocery shopping – how is she supposed to look? Ecstatic? Besides, the actress has since has been seen with her ring. At last night’s Oscars ceremony, Alba was photographed on the red carpet wearing her wedding band and, more importantly, her husband was right beside her.

Other than the testimony of these suspicious “friends” – who we’re pretty sure don’t exist – Woman’s Day has absolutely no proof to back up the claim that Alba and Warren’s marriage is in trouble. Last month, Alba honored her husband on his birthday with a sweet Instagram slideshow of the two and their three children. “It’s been incredibly fun making memories my love,” she commented. “You are as sexy as ever – your 40’s will be your best decade yet!”

Gossip Cop also wants to refute the insulting suggestions being made that Alba is failing as a parent. The tabloid claims she’s struggling with her “crumbling family life,” that she’s “dependent” on Warren to “keep the family together,” and that divorce risks “everything, even custody of her kids.” Alba constantly celebrates her kids on social media, and last month threw a huge birthday bash for her youngest son, Hayes. The magazine has no idea what her personal life is like and has no authority to judge how she’s doing as a parent.

Alba and Warren have been married for 12 years, but don’t think that would ever stop the tabloid world from concocting divorce fantasies about them. Just after Hayes’ birth in 2018, the National Enquirer claimed Alba had gotten pregnant with her third child in order to “save the star’s marriage,” which that tabloid also claimed was “ailing.” In 2019, the Enquirer made the entirely random claim that the newly-single Ben Affleck was making moves on Alba. Gossip Cop debunked both rumors as false.


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