Jessica Alba Hates Jimmy Fallon’s Baby Name Suggestions On “Tonight Show” (VIDEO)

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Jessica Alba Baby Names Jimmy Fallon

By Shari Weiss |

Jessica Alba Baby Names Jimmy Fallon

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Jessica Alba was happy to discuss her pregnancy on Friday’s “Tonight Show,” but rejected every baby name Jimmy Fallon suggested. Check out the funny video below.

Alba announced last month that she and husband Cash Warren are expecting their third child. Now for her first official appearance since the joyous news, Fallon started out the interview by immediately offering congratulations. “Did you have any idea this was going to happen?” he asked. Alba hilariously replied, “I mean, there’s something you gotta do. It’s kinda like birds and the bees.”

Fallon assured her he doesn’t need “the talk,” but Alba might need some parenting lessons when it comes to caring for a newborn again. “I have amnesia about having a baby, which is I think why I allowed this to happen,” she admitted. “I don’t remember any of it. Like strollers, like diapers, like cribs. I don’t remember any of it.”

When Fallon asked if she’s “thought” of a name yet, Alba explained that the name has to be an actual word, like Warren’s first name, and start with an “H,” like her daughters Honor and Haven. “And it can’t be too weird. Like a little unusual, [but] what if they want to be a nurse?” she pointed out. The comedian, however, had a bit of trouble grasping the requirements.

His first suggestion was “Herman,” followed by “Kermit,” which obviously does not start with an “H.” Fallon tried to insist, “It doesn’t have to be an ‘H.’ It’s not a law.” She countered, “No, it has to be an ‘H.'” When he went from “hail” to “bale,” the actress just shook her head. That was followed by “heart,” which got an “That’s so cute. Um, no,” from Alba. And proving once again that he didn’t understand the criteria, Fallon offered “Willy Warren.”

“That’s just terrible,” she told him. “Like he’s never gonna get laid.” Aside from figuring out the future of his guest’s family, Fallon also gave Alba a few elevator pitches, since she was on the program to promote “Planet Of The Apps.” That didn’t go so well, either. Watch the videos below.

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