Jessica Alba is now the proud mom of a baby boy. A supermarket tabloid is using the newborn's recent birth to again falsely claim the actress and husband Cash Warren only had another child to save their marriage. Gossip Cop can bust this false assertion for the second time.

After she revealed in July that she was pregnant with their third child, the National Enquirer accused Alba of only having another baby to save her marriage to Warren. Gossip Cop busted the false story at the time, which seemed to be the gossip magazine's attempt at explaining why the couple hadn't split despite previously alleging they were having marital problems. Now nearly six months later, Alba gave birth on New Year's Eve and the outlet is using that as an excuse to recycle its previously debunked claims.

On its website, a headline exclaims, "The Inside Story! Jessica Alba Put Baby On Board To Save Marriage." The publication deems the little boy, named Hayes, a "miracle baby set to save the star's marriage." But the tabloid has no new evidence to support its contention that the "pregnancy was really a bid to save her ailing nine-year marriage." It simply regurgitates its old quotes, such as one in which a so-called "insider" maintained, "Jessica and Cash were going through a tough time, and they thought adding another little one to their brood might bring them back together."

In another quote, it was alleged the baby "could be the magic remedy that rights all their recent wrongs." But there weren't any "wrongs" that needed righting. That was a fictional narrative pushed by the gossip media, including the magazine's sister publication, Star. Both insisted the couple's marriage was falling apart, and when that was proven to be untrue, the National Enquirer tried to do damage control by twisting Alba's pregnancy news as a development purposefully designed to fix her relationship.

And now that she's given birth, the outlet is attempting to capitalize on her new arrival by peddling the same bad dish it served up half a year ago. But it was misinformation back in July and it's still misinformation now in January. Alba and Warren did not have a third child to save their marriage. They had another baby because they wanted to grow their family. Shame on the tabloid for wrongly trying to claim otherwise.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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