Jesse Tyler Ferguson Responds To Being Called “Satanic Homo” On Twitter

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Gay Twitter Battle

By Andrew Shuster |

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Gay Twitter Battle

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson is engaged in a Twitter battle with a hater who called him a “satanic homo” after he appeared on Bear Gryyls‘ NBC reality adventure show “Running Wild.” Twitter user Michael Schindewolf attacked Ferguson simply because he’s gay, and slammed Gryyl’s for having the “Modern Family” star on the show on July 20.

Schindewolf, whose Twitter profile indicates he works as a wedding photographer, wrote, “Just watched @jessetyler on #RunningWild & I can’t believe how many times he used #God’s name in vain. IMO the satanic homo is #HellBound!” Ferguson wittily replied to the bigoted comment by saying, “Oh My God? Are you serious?,” to which Schindewolf answered, “Serious as a heart attack… #God is watching all of us, and He warns us about #homosexuality.”

Schindewolf went on to attack Gryyls as well, tweeting, “Hey @BearGrylls! [Do you know] your tolerance & embrace of #homosexuality is disgusting to the #God you rely on for #salvation? You’re a hypocrite!” He then added, “If you’re a #Christian who watches @BearGrylls & #RunningWild, [Do you know] they promote #GayMarriage, an abomination against #God.” After attacking Gryyls and his reality show, Schindewolf then decided he wasn’t quite done slamming Ferguson and wrote, “How can @jessetyler, an impenitent #gay sinner pray to #God when he defies Him w/ his life? IMO he is cursed & pure #evil!”

Grylls has ignored all of Schindewolf’s comments, while Ferguson has only responded once. Gossip Cop will update if further tweets are exchanged.


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